Woodhall Spa

Cycling Route

51.06 mi
1,583 ft
Created By
Paul R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Legsby Road Sprint1.75 mi69 ft0.7%
Legsby stretch2.72 mi-43 ft-0.1%
Little London to School Sprint1.00 mi-20 ft-0.3%
Torrington Straight1.05 mi-39 ft-0.7%
Torrington Dash2.08 mi23 ft0.1%
West Torrington up to A157 Junction(RD)1.76 mi23 ft0.1%
From Maze to Mince3.92 mi-66 ft-0.3%
Wragby - Pleasure House0.72 mi-16 ft-0.2%
Bardney Daries South2.63 mi-43 ft-0.3%
B1202 to Bardney3.16 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Mince pie to Bardney 0.81 mi16 ft0.2%
Cotton Hill0.54 mi13 ft0.2%
Bardney to Southrey2.68 mi-56 ft-0.2%
Bardney to Southery avoiding pub car park2.59 mi-23 ft-0.2%
B1190 to Southrey1.09 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Southrey to Woodhall Spa4.94 mi33 ft0.1%
Southery Station to Stixwould Station1.62 mi20 ft0.0%
Witham South3.41 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Sti Stn rip1.23 mi13 ft0.1%
Southrey Kirkstead2.79 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Gate to bridge0.47 mi10 ft0.1%
Gate to Turn1.09 mi16 ft0.3%
Kirkstead bridge to roundabout1.16 mi20 ft0.3%
Kirstead to Woodhall Spa1.18 mi20 ft0.3%
Mill Lane to Alexandra Sprint0.70 mi7 ft0.2%
To the Limits0.80 mi-36 ft-0.4%
Beyond the Village Limits1.00 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Jog on5.30 mi69 ft0.2%
green hill0.42 mi16 ft0.1%
Green Lane Climb0.24 mi10 ft0.8%
green hill0.27 mi-16 ft-0.5%
Bong Boy Bend1.71 mi26 ft0.1%
Moor Lane Dash0.71 mi16 ft0.2%
Horse Power0.82 mi20 ft0.3%
Hatton Roller Coaster0.65 mi-43 ft-1.2%
Barkwith Rise0.26 mi39 ft2.9%
E Barkwith to S Willingham2.00 mi157 ft1.3%
Ups and Downs to Hainton0.74 mi36 ft0.3%
Hainton to Nth Willingham2.91 mi-174 ft-0.8%
Chase me, chase me!1.40 mi138 ft0.5%
Sixhills0.97 mi125 ft2.4%
Sixhills to North Willingham1.09 mi-187 ft-3.2%
Sixhill descent1.01 mi-177 ft-3.3%
sprint passed ice creams0.58 mi-52 ft-1.7%
Sprint To Tealby Hairpin [MD]1.41 mi46 ft0.5%
THe quintessential Shire sprint.2.92 mi-92 ft-0.6%
Sprint to Rasen0.66 mi-39 ft-0.9%
Short blast in to town [JW]0.96 mi-62 ft-1.0%
Home straight [JW]0.39 mi-20 ft-0.9%