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LE D8 Inverness to JOG

Cycling Route

196.98 km
2,089 m
Created By
Ollie C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
kessock bridge2.88 km34 m1.0%
Bridge rise - the other side0.92 km27 m2.9%
Wee rise0.59 km23 m3.8%
Pass the dogs to get to the beer1.96 km-25 m0.0%
Frosty Bottom to Railway Bridge Climb2.04 km41 m1.9%
Juction (Tore School) to Bus stop2.07 km42 m2.0%
Tore towards Dingwall2.78 km54 m1.9%
Leanaig Descent (TCC)1.98 km-82 m-4.2%
The final push1.14 km5 m0.2%
The final push1.14 km5 m0.2%
Old Evanton Rd Climb1.64 km92 m5.5%
Kinnairdie Brae0.40 km28 m7.0%
Back rd climb2.82 km105 m3.7%
Bridge to the bend3.79 km-49 m-0.3%
Old Evanton Road 7.15 km-78 m-0.6%
This segment was 3 second longer so i made it shorter so that I would be KOM and not Gerry Coull. I am a bad person.1.26 km37 m2.9%
Kiltearn Primary0.48 km-6 m-1.3%
Beating the old boilersuit gudgie up to the Spar0.28 km8 m1.4%
Evanton to The Wheel Inn2.05 km-10 m-0.1%
The Wayward Drive1.97 km-15 m-0.3%
Scotsburn rise2.71 km37 m1.3%
Flight towards Tain3.40 km-62 m-1.8%
Dornoch Bridge North2.03 km-15 m-0.7%
Dornoch Bridge Sprint1.47 km9 m0.4%
A9 Climb0.52 km90 m17.3%
The rise after the fall1.56 km16 m1.0%
Tall Pines to the Trentham2.69 km14 m0.5%
Mound-Golspie5.20 km-33 m-0.5%
The Mound to Brora.14.70 km-53 m-0.2%
Brakes Smoking60.42 km224 m0.1%
Balls out to Brora!6.44 km-39 m-0.6%
Short and Sharp0.36 km5 m0.1%
brora to helmsdale15.15 km-64 m-0.1%
Quick descent1.87 km-61 m-3.1%
Bonehill hill5.59 km200 m3.5%
Helmsdale to the top of the Beridale's16.21 km216 m0.9%
The Long One3.69 km146 m3.9%
Brakes Smoking1.29 km-122 m-9.4%
Berriedale1.53 km127 m8.3%
A9 Climb1.79 km157 m8.8%
A99 Climb2.47 km85 m3.4%
Towick12.24 km34 m0.3%
A99 Climb3.29 km127 m3.9%
Wick High Street to North Road0.76 km17 m2.3%
Wick to JoG25.88 km-100 m-0.0%
Run into JOG21.12 km-83 m-0.2%
Freswick Sprint1.91 km37 m1.7%
A99 Climb2.42 km85 m3.5%
The Last Hill2.09 km73 m3.5%
A99 Climb0.43 km19 m4.5%