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Palos Verdes Ride LV A/B Group

Cycling Route

58.99 mi
3,699 ft
Created By
Lightning Velo
November 24, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Emerson Parkside Academy Sprint0.41 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Sheriff Dept to Equestrian Ring0.98 mi197 ft3.5%
PVDN to Miraleste (Climb & Push) 2.95 mi469 ft2.3%
Clif Climb TT5.92 mi1,007 ft3.2%
PVEast - Harbor Site Drive to Marymount4.09 mi518 ft2.4%
Palos Verdes Dr E Inland Ascent1.64 mi400 ft4.6%
4 turns to the gate0.48 mi115 ft4.5%
Miraleste to Domes via PV Drive3.00 mi669 ft4.0%
Miraleste to Marymount climb1.26 mi236 ft3.5%
Turn & Go 3150.69 mi118 ft3.3%
Crest1.58 mi446 ft5.3%
Crest Part 10.76 mi249 ft6.2%
End of false flat to top0.58 mi167 ft5.4%
Crest final sprint0.16 mi39 ft4.8%
Crest Decent1.54 mi-413 ft-5.1%
SUPER G3.48 mi-984 ft-5.3%
Switchbacks Downhill1.85 mi-499 ft-5.1%
Rolling on a river3.19 mi-246 ft-0.9%
Zimmer Switchbacks to Cove8.41 mi-259 ft-0.2%
SWBacks to Church4.66 mi-256 ft-0.8%
Hulk Smash PV Dr South downhill0.43 mi-89 ft-3.8%
The Unsettled North0.96 mi36 ft0.0%
Wayfarers Chapel0.98 mi98 ft1.6%
glass climb/sprint0.48 mi79 ft3.1%
Wayfarer Chapel to sprint sign2.11 mi98 ft0.4%
Terranea Light to St. Paul's1.05 mi66 ft0.3%
PV Dr S. Sprint to the sign0.54 mi46 ft1.2%
Pure PV Dr S. Sprint0.25 mi46 ft3.3%
Sprint to Lunada stop sign0.51 mi-43 ft-1.0%
Stomp to Stop0.17 mi13 ft0.9%
Daves Trail to Montemar0.67 mi69 ft1.8%
PV West down hill1.05 mi-180 ft-2.4%
pop goes the wheelie0.30 mi26 ft1.3%
Via Del Monte - Paseo Del Sol1.22 mi371 ft5.7%
The Whole Via3.14 mi807 ft4.9%
Via Del Monte Short Intervals0.61 mi148 ft4.3%
VDM mailbox 549 to GVA1.73 mi554 ft6.0%
Upper Via del Monte/Granvia altimura1.26 mi358 ft5.4%
VDM Big Ring Flat Sprint0.18 mi10 ft1.1%
view of LA segment0.32 mi75 ft3.1%
Top Via Del Monte0.31 mi85 ft5.3%
GVA to Hawthorne1.15 mi233 ft3.8%
GVA to Via Rafael0.52 mi161 ft5.8%
Via Rafael to Hawthorne (VDM bonus)0.59 mi62 ft2.0%
Sprint to Hawthorne0.12 mi30 ft4.6%
Hawthorne segment #431 DH Silver Spur to PV Dr. N1.31 mi-531 ft-7.6%
PV Dr N from Crenshaw to Reservior1.72 mi-95 ft-0.5%
#teamcycle Final Hammer0.32 mi-52 ft-2.4%
PVDE to Western Via PVDN1.04 mi-118 ft-2.1%
Last push before Western!0.22 mi23 ft1.9%