Balcombe to Three Bridges 18km

Running Route

18.36 km
270 m
Shorter Route
Created By
Dai Davies
November 28, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
High Street Climb1.26 km72 m5.7%
M23 Climb0.50 km41 m8.0%
Parish Tangent Climb0.26 km27 m9.9%
Up to the clearing0.37 km27 m6.2%
Trail from bridge0.44 km-21 m-1.5%
Tilgate parkrun first hill0.23 km13 m5.3%
Gallows Hill0.23 km5 m0.8%
Tillgate Lake Sprints0.17 km-5 m-2.8%
3 Fairways Short Drag0.31 km6 m1.6%
Tilgate clubhouse to end of path0.64 km-11 m-1.8%
Cut Through Hill Section0.85 km9 m0.2%