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TdA : 6ème étape CCBF

Cycling Route

122.74 km
3,578 m
Created By
Didier P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Col Cayolle depuis Croisement Allos26.25 km1,198 m4.5%
Col de la Cayolle @win27.20 km1,190 m4.3%
D902 Climb2.12 km88 m4.1%
Uvernet Fours- Bayasse15.90 km597 m3.7%
D902 Climb2.15 km87 m4.0%
D902 Climb1.46 km105 m7.2%
D902 Climb1.62 km97 m6.0%
D902 Climb2.17 km97 m4.4%
Cafe to Col de la Cayolle13.19 km640 m4.8%
D902 Climb3.19 km161 m5.0%
col de la cayolle 9 dernier km8.91 km549 m6.2%
D902 Bayasse bridge up0.83 km52 m6.0%
D902 Climb0.77 km112 m14.6%
D902 Climb1.58 km137 m8.7%
D902 Climb1.64 km125 m7.5%
D902 - Climb Col de Cayolle - Last 500m0.37 km25 m6.9%
D Climb Col de Cayolle - Last 400m0.48 km33 m6.8%
Col de la Cayolle Descent to Guillaumes31.76 km-1,483 m-4.7%
Descente Col de la Cayolle 2nd part5.77 km-383 m-6.6%
ENTRAUNES TO GUILLAUMES17.29 km-435 m-2.5%
Saint-Martin - Guillaumes9.44 km-185 m-2.0%
Valberg-du pied au pont3.49 km244 m7.0%
Col de Valberg le vrai11.76 km897 m7.6%
D29 Climb1.13 km99 m8.8%
L'Adrech Climb1.19 km117 m9.7%
D28 Climb0.95 km123 m12.9%
D28 Climb1.39 km129 m9.1%
Le Coulet Climb0.95 km109 m11.3%
D28 Climb1.16 km96 m8.0%
D28 Climb0.69 km89 m12.9%
Les Charmes Climb1.99 km206 m10.3%
Final-replat Valberg1.09 km43 m0.5%
Valberg-Beuil ↓5.89 km-217 m-3.7%
Valberg-Les Launes ↓3.12 km-128 m-4.1%
Le Plat des Launes ↓1.10 km17 m1.1%
Les Launes-Beuil ↓1.53 km-103 m-6.8%
Col de la Couyolle àpd. Beuil6.43 km237 m3.7%
D30 Climb1.30 km103 m7.9%
Couillole-2e partie- replat3.38 km77 m2.2%
finish couyolle 0.56 km40 m7.0%
Col de la Couillole (Roubion) ↓4.48 km-320 m-7.1%
Valdeblore (La Roche) 10.14 km643 m6.2%
D2565 Climb0.77 km86 m11.1%
Route de la Vésubie Climb0.41 km102 m25.0%
D2565 Climb0.45 km87 m19.1%
D2565 Climb1.47 km106 m7.0%
Geoudan Climb0.92 km93 m10.1%
FLAT PART HALFWAY0.42 km-2 m0.0%
Le Collet Climb1.83 km108 m5.9%