Past Two Weeks

Pizza Ride

Cycling Route

24.64 mi
1,764 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Steel Run1.04 mi-52 ft-0.8%
Church - N. Decatur to Glendale0.53 mi26 ft0.8%
Church St EB, Glendale to Car Wash0.69 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Norman Rouleur0.55 mi49 ft0.0%
Norman Climbs0.70 mi102 ft2.8%
spivey hill0.42 mi85 ft2.7%
Spivey Hill v2.00.34 mi46 ft2.5%
Central Drive (Rays to Hambrick)0.64 mi-59 ft-0.1%
hambrick hill0.41 mi52 ft2.3%
Central Dr. (Hambrick to N. Harriston)0.72 mi-46 ft-0.1%
Central Dr Sprint East Bound. 0.57 mi49 ft0.6%
Downhill to the Park0.52 mi-85 ft-1.9%
Out of the gate to bottom of hill at Hugh Howell0.82 mi-98 ft-2.2%
Lake Venable Loop Clockwise7.23 mi138 ft0.0%
Stone Mountain U7.15 mi-144 ft-0.0%
Bridge to Main gate climb0.24 mi72 ft5.5%
Outer Loop Rollers3.73 mi-138 ft-0.3%
SM Outer Loop Rollers3.73 mi-138 ft-0.3%
MS Juniors ITT3.37 mi131 ft0.2%
Golf Course Punch0.14 mi49 ft6.6%
Head down on new tarmc0.92 mi-46 ft-0.3%
Stone Mountain Outer Loop Climb1.24 mi125 ft1.9%
Evergreen KOM0.36 mi112 ft5.7%
Stonewall downhill0.31 mi-128 ft-7.2%
Stonewaaaaaaallllll Hiiiilllllllllll0.34 mi-125 ft-5.1%
Stonewall to Jefferson Davis CCW2.38 mi112 ft0.4%
Stone Mountain Carving Hill0.63 mi79 ft2.1%
two minute drill SM inner loop0.68 mi92 ft2.6%
Plantation Climb0.40 mi82 ft3.6%