Course 4 (TT Route)

Cycling Route

16.8 km
163 m
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February 24, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Southern Vets Course 4 TT16.14 km-128 m-0.1%
McLaren Flat to Schuller Rd8.07 km123 m1.4%
SVCC TT wed / thurs night16.79 km122 m0.0%
Elliot Rd to Wickhams Hill Rd Climb1.04 km32 m3.0%
Lot 4 Wickhams Hill Rd Climb0.61 km19 m3.0%
solo away mission3.62 km22 m0.2%
Schuller Rd to McLaren Flat SDVLCC Finish8.67 km-116 m-1.2%
Moritz Blewitt Springs final leg SVCC race loop 7.06 km-118 m-1.7%
Moritz swoop0.53 km-32 m-6.0%
SVCC FINISH SPRINT1.06 km-6 m-0.6%
SVCC Final 500m sprint0.37 km-2 m-0.6%