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Chaser world champ route

Cycling Route

44.39 mi
3,338 ft
cafe stop at reservoir church
Created By
Kate L

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Saltaire To Green Lane0.27 mi-46 ft-3.1%
Junction to White Cross3.42 mi325 ft1.2%
Shipley to hollins hill1.46 mi49 ft0.0%
Hollins Hill0.93 mi292 ft5.9%
Hollins Hill from Hollins Hall0.39 mi161 ft7.8%
Park Gate to Menston1.20 mi-79 ft-0.9%
Bradford Road Sprint1.34 mi-151 ft-2.0%
30mph+ = unhappy face0.67 mi-128 ft-3.6%
Bradford Road straight down0.85 mi-131 ft-2.4%
corner town river sprint0.21 mi-36 ft-3.1%
_I0.08 mi-7 ft-1.6%
Up and out to North Yorkshire0.48 mi118 ft4.6%
Cow sign Climb0.64 mi164 ft4.8%
Sprinting for Cows0.31 mi112 ft6.6%
Farnley School to Top Of Norwood2.79 mi581 ft3.1%
Farnley to Dam1.22 mi-171 ft-2.1%
Norwood First Bit0.34 mi190 ft10.2%
Norwood Edge1.10 mi541 ft9.2%
Norwood Edge 1st 1/2 - Start to T-Junction0.51 mi256 ft9.4%
Stinger0.51 mi207 ft7.5%
Stainburn Road Climb0.22 mi79 ft6.7%
Rooting for you0.38 mi144 ft7.0%
Last dig of Norwood!0.24 mi89 ft6.9%
Swinsty Drag0.40 mi115 ft5.3%
Spinksburn Beck climb0.24 mi23 ft1.5%
Sun Inn punch0.26 mi75 ft5.4%
Broad Dubb Road1.87 mi161 ft1.6%
Broad Dubb Rd to Beckwithshaw3.54 mi-233 ft-0.3%
Broad Dubb Climb to the Line0.44 mi102 ft4.3%
Fast Straight to Beckwithshaw1.62 mi-187 ft-2.2%
The sleights sprint0.46 mi-36 ft-1.5%
Descent to Castley0.66 mi-115 ft-2.4%
Castley Lane - westward2.22 mi-108 ft-0.8%
Pool Road Thrash (East to West)2.24 mi36 ft0.2%
Pool to Otley 1 mile Sprint1.07 mi-20 ft-0.0%
short sprint0.15 mi3 ft0.4%
Col de Stephen Smith's0.43 mi23 ft1.0%
Otley to Shipley5.89 mi-315 ft-0.1%
Bradford Road Return Leg Sprint1.29 mi148 ft2.0%
Bradford Road Dash0.64 mi36 ft0.6%
Bradford road straight up0.78 mi112 ft2.5%
40mph zone0.50 mi69 ft2.6%
Ellar Ghyl Drag1.09 mi194 ft3.4%
Fox To Hare 0.46 mi72 ft3.0%
Sprint to the Fish & Chips0.48 mi-23 ft-0.5%
Tranmere Park By-Pass0.71 mi69 ft1.7%
Down Hollins Hill0.90 mi-262 ft-5.5%
Hollins hill down in full1.17 mi-243 ft-3.5%
Esholt Lane to Arch0.92 mi-33 ft-0.7%
Denso to Junction pub sprint0.70 mi-13 ft-0.1%