'Trons Thursday (A-group)

Cycling Route

21.98 mi
1,681 ft
Created By
Jonathan McKaskey (VSRT)

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Greenville/Patterson Pass to Alt Pass Rd1.48 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Altamont and Greenville to top of Flynn4.43 mi709 ft3.0%
Greenville to Carroll on Altamont East1.66 mi141 ft1.6%
Leadout1.30 mi85 ft1.2%
Greenville Double Horseshoe10.72 mi689 ft0.2%
Bridge to Carroll1.31 mi115 ft1.6%
Wente Hill1.14 mi344 ft5.7%
Wente Hill repeats2.18 mi443 ft3.8%
Carroll-Flynn Climb2.70 mi561 ft3.9%
caroll flynn to over pass 1.06 mi305 ft5.4%
Carroll - Altamont Pass to the Freeway1.03 mi305 ft5.6%
Wente Wall0.28 mi141 ft9.4%
Carroll Rd. Climb0.80 mi292 ft6.9%
Wente Finish0.73 mi276 ft7.1%
Flynn - 580 to PP Rd.3.83 mi-531 ft-1.4%
Wnte RR Hill - 2nd stinger0.95 mi243 ft4.8%
Flynn descent to Patterson2.15 mi-531 ft-4.7%
Flynn Road Westbound2.11 mi-522 ft-4.7%
Death Wobble0.45 mi-197 ft-8.3%
the ideal line0.26 mi-102 ft-7.3%
Flynn Horseshoe0.14 mi-23 ft-3.2%
Flynn to Cross Sprint1.03 mi203 ft3.7%
Patterson - Cross1.64 mi266 ft3.0%
Bump Business0.96 mi197 ft3.9%
The Bump, anything left?0.97 mi184 ft3.6%
Sprint before Cross Rd.0.24 mi56 ft4.3%
Wow0.16 mi39 ft2.3%
Cross Rd South2.17 mi-236 ft-1.4%
Bump Sprint0.04 mi36 ft15.4%
Cross RD Summit to Tesla Rd2.84 mi-295 ft-1.7%
Post BUMP climb on Cross0.27 mi49 ft2.5%
Cross Road to Tesla Sprint2.00 mi-240 ft-1.8%
Top of Cross to Greenville2.35 mi-279 ft-2.2%
Cross Road Sprint to Tesla1.45 mi-223 ft-2.9%
Cross Rd Sprint to Tesla1.44 mi-220 ft-2.9%
Cross Road to Tesla Sprint2.08 mi-249 ft-2.2%
Final Push on Cross to Tesla0.43 mi-66 ft-2.8%
FLYYYYYYN OTF0.96 mi-56 ft-1.1%
The PHEONIX spreads his wings 0.65 mi-46 ft-1.3%
Greenville Sprint1.86 mi-148 ft-0.9%
Greenville Bump (or is this Sandhill relocated to Livermore?)0.55 mi62 ft2.0%
Greenville Speed Hump S-N0.38 mi62 ft3.2%
Down we go!0.67 mi-141 ft-3.9%
Patterson Pass - Greenville to Cross (eastbound)2.22 mi318 ft2.7%
PP Rd BHR0.92 mi98 ft2.0%