'Trons Wednesday (not-so-recovery)

Cycling Route

17.47 mi
1,349 ft
Created By
Jonathan McKaskey (VSRT)
May 18, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Greenville Hill N to S0.86 mi141 ft3.1%
Which way the wind blows?0.36 mi108 ft5.6%
N to S Greenville Bump0.37 mi69 ft3.3%
Tesla Rd from Cross to top4.73 mi807 ft3.2%
Tesla Rd Climb2.04 mi2,854 ft0.0%
last mile power climb0.90 mi272 ft5.7%
Tesla Downhill4.95 mi-804 ft-3.1%
Tesla Descent2.02 mi-446 ft-4.2%
Telsa to cross4.65 mi-764 ft-3.1%
"It ends on the bump ... and NOT before ... get on it!"2.13 mi253 ft1.8%
"Valley Ride - Sector 2"2.13 mi253 ft1.8%
Cross Road Climb (North)1.65 mi256 ft2.9%
Cross Full Stretch2.22 mi256 ft1.5%
Cross Road- Bridge to 'Stop Sign Ahead' Sign4.32 mi-384 ft-0.6%
Cross Road - Tesla To Patterson Pass road2.17 mi243 ft1.4%
Cross to Flynn Sprint3.22 mi-269 ft-0.1%
Hop Cross1.57 mi256 ft3.1%
Cross Rd. Tesla to Greenville4.28 mi-404 ft-0.7%
Cross Rd Climb1.20 mi200 ft3.1%
x-road speed bump0.11 mi33 ft5.0%
The Bump UpDown0.19 mi-43 ft-1.0%
Cross Hump to Greenville2.43 mi-338 ft-2.4%
Patterson Rd - Cross to Greenville Rd2.19 mi-335 ft-2.9%
Patterson TT, 1% downgrade stretch (Flynn to Greenville stop sign)1.13 mi-115 ft-1.9%
TT to Greenville1.17 mi-115 ft-1.8%
TT final 1km0.62 mi-62 ft-1.9%
Sprint TronAltaPat0.26 mi-36 ft-2.6%
TT final 200m0.13 mi-13 ft-1.8%
Greenville Patterson to Gate0.54 mi3 ft0.2%