Terra Mixto v2

Cycling Route

12.44 mi
1,535 ft
Created By
Michael Hagler - Around the Cycle

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
sprint to rose bowl0.32 mi0 ft0.0%
Arroyo Blvd: Washington to 210 light0.65 mi98 ft2.8%
Berkshire Place Climb0.18 mi285 ft28.6%
Kirbys sprint #20.22 mi-89 ft-1.7%
Up flintridge trail2.01 mi171 ft1.5%
Hampstead to Cherry Cyn. Entrance Climb0.36 mi128 ft6.8%
Hamstead Gate to Liz's0.16 mi82 ft9.2%
Liz's Uphill0.39 mi92 ft3.2%
CV Mini Race Lap 20.81 mi197 ft4.2%
Forrest Hill Gate to Upper Bench1.10 mi413 ft7.1%
Forest Hill Trailhead to House on Stilts1.21 mi436 ft6.8%
Liz's to Water Tower0.20 mi102 ft9.5%
Water Tower to top of Owl0.41 mi105 ft3.2%
Water Tower to Shooting Range0.20 mi-33 ft-2.3%
Burroughs Racing TT0.60 mi197 ft5.0%
Uphill #20.44 mi230 ft9.8%
Final Uphill (Including Single Track)0.37 mi167 ft8.5%
Cardiac Single Track Climb0.06 mi56 ft16.8%
Short and Steep Climb0.10 mi89 ft15.7%
Cerro Negro DH to Ultimate Benches0.28 mi-141 ft-9.5%
Lower Cerro Negro0.48 mi95 ft1.2%
Cherry Canyon Mtwy to Liz0.35 mi-174 ft-9.3%
Fireroad to Owl Trail DH0.56 mi-305 ft-10.1%
Droppin In0.21 mi-151 ft-13.5%
First Horse trail0.15 mi-118 ft-14.4%
Berkshire/Highland: CC to Inverness2.36 mi-187 ft-1.5%
Berk2High1.31 mi-128 ft-1.1%
Remember the Shire0.51 mi-36 ft-1.3%
Berk Hump de Bump0.40 mi26 ft0.5%
Big Lubanski Fred Sprint0.29 mi-36 ft-0.5%
Ego trip0.60 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Jelly Belly lane0.09 mi13 ft2.1%
bump 0.28 mi43 ft2.7%
Must Go Faster0.19 mi-43 ft-2.8%
Linda V / Inverness TT 0.71 mi-167 ft-4.5%
Parkview speed run0.15 mi-49 ft-5.9%
Red Hook Roids vs. Posi Vibes0.34 mi-13 ft-0.3%
Firewood Shogun0.34 mi13 ft0.6%
Wilson View0.33 mi7 ft0.3%
Rosemont Avenue-N Arroyo Blvd0.29 mi59 ft3.7%
Out0.31 mi59 ft3.5%
Burt bump0.22 mi59 ft5.0%