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Encanto to Crystal Lake and Back

Cycling Route

51.29 mi
6,373 ft
Created By
Jeremiah Klashorst

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Petros Climb8.64 mi1,063 ft2.3%
Boomerang the bridge0.18 mi13 ft1.4%
Encanto Park to Crystal Lake Cafe25.52 mi5,164 ft3.8%
Top of SGR Trail1.94 mi141 ft1.4%
Visitor Center to Crystal Lake turnoff21.34 mi4,255 ft3.8%
Ranger Station to 1st Gate on Hwy 3911.99 mi1,296 ft2.0%
Visitor Center to Crystal Lake Cafe 23.58 mi4,934 ft4.0%
Gate to End of Azusa Trail0.72 mi62 ft1.7%
*Ranger Station to Crystal Lake turn off21.66 mi4,324 ft3.8%
*Ranger Station to Crystal Lake Cafe23.65 mi4,944 ft4.0%
Bike Path to Azusa Canyon Dam Lookout2.33 mi479 ft3.9%
GMR climb1.12 mi276 ft4.6%
Hwy 39 - Azusa Canyon to the Bridge8.02 mi856 ft1.6%
39 climb to Morris Dam2.29 mi554 ft4.6%
TT204.16 mi620 ft2.8%
Dam Incline1.88 mi433 ft4.4%
San Gabriel Dam climb0.58 mi174 ft5.5%
San Gabriel Reservoir Climb1.07 mi253 ft4.4%
Point of Attack0.59 mi72 ft2.1%
East fork bridge descent 1.69 mi-184 ft-2.0%
East Fork Bridge to Crystal Lake Store14.22 mi4,173 ft5.5%
East Fork Bridge to 2nd Gate6.34 mi1,831 ft5.4%
Crystal Lake14.36 mi4,072 ft5.4%
Cat 3 just above East Fork on 392.36 mi725 ft5.8%
1st Bridge After West Fork3.51 mi1,138 ft6.1%
First Gate Past East Fork to Cafe Turn Off9.25 mi3,002 ft6.1%
Hwy 39- climb to 2nd gate2.44 mi935 ft7.2%
2nd gate to turn for Cafe5.93 mi1,791 ft5.7%
Segment0.76 mi266 ft6.6%
Coldbrook water stop to 5000ft sign5.23 mi1,631 ft5.9%
Crystal Lake6.98 mi2,185 ft5.9%
Crystal Lake Grind2.84 mi1,083 ft7.2%
Crystal Lake rd. to Cafe climb1.90 mi617 ft6.1%
Crystal Lake - Last Mile1.03 mi285 ft5.2%
Crystal Lake Descent Part 110.26 mi-3,350 ft-6.2%
Crystal lake turnoff to Coldwater downhill5.43 mi-1,673 ft-5.8%
39 Super D10.37 mi-3,297 ft-6.0%
Crystal Lake turn down to Azusa19.52 mi-3,911 ft-3.8%
Lost Canyon to Cogswell4.64 mi-1,624 ft-6.6%
TUCK!!!!1.82 mi-689 ft-7.1%
SGR Dive1.22 mi-417 ft-6.1%
Crystal Lake descent from E Fork8.98 mi-928 ft-1.6%
try to hit 40 mph1.49 mi-440 ft-5.6%
Islip Canyon s/bound Climb0.88 mi161 ft3.4%
last three bumps1.80 mi125 ft0.4%
SGRT Upper 2 Mile WEEEEEE!!!!!1.16 mi-79 ft-1.3%
SGR Trail Gate-Bridge Sprint1.87 mi-128 ft-1.3%
Gate To Bridge MASH0.70 mi-62 ft-1.7%
"Rock"et to bridge0.88 mi-56 ft-1.2%
Approaching the Bridge0.16 mi-10 ft-1.2%