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Cycling Route

33.79 mi
4,953 ft
Created By
Mr. Z

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Palisades Drive up from sunset1.67 mi443 ft5.0%
Canyon Fire Rd Climb0.33 mi305 ft17.5%
Trailer Canyon Fire Rd Climb1.23 mi604 ft9.3%
Trailer Canyon Fire Road2.22 mi912 ft7.7%
Bumpy Beginnings0.27 mi167 ft11.5%
Trailer dirt tough start0.74 mi397 ft10.1%
Start of Trailer Canyon to the Hub4.30 mi1,093 ft4.6%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb2.26 mi702 ft5.9%
Trailer dip to top1.25 mi525 ft8.0%
Porker's Delight0.32 mi118 ft6.8%
Trailer Speed Section2.05 mi427 ft3.9%
The Temescal and Trailer Fork to the Hub2.08 mi210 ft1.7%
Temescal/Trailer Fork to Mulholland4.12 mi-413 ft-0.3%
Temescal Ridge to Hub1.25 mi-79 ft-0.1%
Backbone to Hub0.57 mi-79 ft-1.1%
HUB Descent0.38 mi-144 ft-5.8%
Hub to Mulholland, fixed2.03 mi-364 ft-1.9%
Downhill sec 1 from hub1.00 mi-266 ft-5.0%
HUB2SulliRidge4.69 mi-459 ft-0.4%
Watch Out I'm Coming Thru1.32 mi-302 ft-4.1%
Shai's Wheels on Fire ...0.34 mi-59 ft-3.2%
When does this climb end???????????1.48 mi384 ft4.7%
Me Nutz are Killing Me!!!2.35 mi381 ft2.8%
Hectic to Sullivan on Mulholland0.45 mi85 ft3.1%
Hectic to Farmers on Mulholland 0.17 mi89 ft9.0%
Sullivan Ridge to Nike0.71 mi-72 ft-0.9%
Nike Gate to Westridge Gate3.56 mi-689 ft-3.4%
Patagonia Water-bottle Snake Stick Hikers0.53 mi213 ft7.5%
Down Westridge X2.49 mi-663 ft-5.0%
Westridge Rollercoaster0.55 mi-207 ft-6.7%
Just the Hump0.13 mi39 ft5.0%
Need for Speed0.37 mi-203 ft-10.4%
Sullivan Mile 10.99 mi200 ft3.7%
Sullivan Canyon1.94 mi-1,309 ft-0.0%
sullivan canyon entire ascent4.26 mi1,204 ft5.3%
SC uphill - Squirrel to top of Singletrack2.68 mi541 ft3.8%
Sullivan Canyon - Fallen tree to concrete pad0.92 mi371 ft7.6%
Steep part out of Sullivan0.65 mi417 ft11.8%
Climb out of Sullivan0.50 mi295 ft10.6%
A fun little sprint0.20 mi13 ft0.8%
Upper dirt pitch0.66 mi-282 ft-8.1%
Sully dirt, steep descent only2.16 mi-810 ft-7.1%
Sulllivan Big Tree Sprint0.27 mi-62 ft-4.4%
Lower dirt pitch1.07 mi-456 ft-8.0%
Lower JEDI - NO BRAKES!0.18 mi-131 ft-13.3%
Sullivan Fire Road - Upper Gate to Staging Area2.09 mi-384 ft-3.5%
Pavement descent0.81 mi-207 ft-4.7%
lower Sullivan pavement descent 0.44 mi-128 ft-5.5%
Will Rogers Service Road Switchbacks0.58 mi141 ft4.6%
Brooktree to Chataqua0.29 mi43 ft2.8%