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Tour de Richmond Park (leisure ride)

Cycling Route

10.81 km
118 m
A leisure ride, with a few uphill sections. Feel free to dismount and walk.. we're not racing.
Created By
Red T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Richmond Park CW (Roehampton Gate start/finish)10.43 km73 m0.3%
RPCC Laps Clock10.61 km-51 m-0.0%
Richmond Park CW (Roehampton Cafe S/F)10.95 km52 m0.0%
RP Café Lap10.79 km52 m0.0%
Cafe clockwise loop10.78 km-52 m-0.0%
Mazza - Richmond park - 1 loop clockwise10.37 km-49 m-0.0%
Richmond Sprint DEER DODGING1.52 km-6 m-0.0%
Perenco TTT CW10.43 km-52 m-0.0%
Broomfield Hill - 4% Climb1.26 km44 m3.5%
Climb 1 - Richmond Park0.91 km33 m3.6%
Broomfield Hill1.07 km39 m3.7%
RobinHoodGate-CW-RoeHamptGate8.82 km-52 m-0.1%
Roundabout to top of dark2.30 km40 m1.5%
Broomfield climb - tree to car park0.93 km40 m4.3%
BPRCC Broomfield Corkscrew 20.99 km41 m4.0%
Broomfield Hill (London Duathlon)0.45 km29 m6.4%
Broomfield Steep0.24 km17 m7.1%
BroomfieldHill Steepest Segment0.11 km13 m10.7%
Col du Broomfield0.25 km23 m9.1%
Broomfield Recovery0.30 km-7 m-0.9%
Dark Hill Descent ()0.74 km-30 m-3.4%
Dark Hill descent 2.00.40 km-23 m-5.8%
Kingston Gate to Richmond Gate3.24 km37 m1.0%
RP - West Side - Clockwise (King->Rich)3.29 km34 m0.6%
RP Q3 CW3.39 km39 m0.9%
Kingston Gate Roundabout to Ham Gate Exit1.05 km-7 m-0.0%
Half Richmond (Clockwise)5.79 km-50 m-0.3%
Half Richmond (Clockwise)5.79 km-50 m-0.3%
Thro the park(Richmond) NtoS5.49 km-50 m-0.4%
Up and over0.52 km-4 m-0.5%
Ham to Priory4.81 km-51 m-0.3%
RP drag past Pembroke Lodge1.45 km29 m2.0%
Richmond Park Clockwise Climb 2 (Long drag)1.48 km31 m2.1%
Climb 3 - Richmond Park1.29 km27 m2.1%
Ham Cross to Richmond Gate Roundabout (JP)1.78 km31 m1.3%
Ham Cross to Richmond Gate1.81 km30 m1.4%
RPR pow drag1.17 km27 m2.3%
Richmond to Ham gate from car park0.93 km21 m2.0%
RP: Richmond Gate to Roehampton Gate2.82 km-49 m-1.4%
Beam Me Up Coz I Cant Breath0.90 km-13 m-0.7%
Richmond - Roehampton Gates2.77 km-50 m-1.5%
RP - North Side - Clockwise (Rich->Roe)2.74 km-44 m-1.2%
Richmond Park Clockwise Richmond Gate to Roehampton Gate (Sawyers Hill downhill)2.64 km-50 m-1.7%
Sawyer1.49 km-38 m-2.5%
Sawyer1.49 km-38 m-2.5%
Sawyers Hill Downhill1.38 km-36 m-2.4%
Sawyer's Hill Descent.1.30 km-34 m-2.6%
Sawyer's Hill Descent past Holly Lodge0.91 km-28 m-3.0%
Lower Sawyer1.04 km-29 m-2.7%
Richmond Park CW final dash1.12 km-14 m-1.3%