Cycling Route

28.56 mi
2,347 ft
Grove,Yerbeston Lawrenny,Reynalton Princes Gate, Narberth
Created By
Julie B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Grove is in the heart1.98 mi285 ft1.7%
The Grove1.05 mi256 ft4.6%
Aero0.90 mi30 ft0.4%
Carne Wood to Loverston Wood down hill1.09 mi-154 ft-1.5%
Wood nu love it0.19 mi89 ft8.7%
Wood nu love it0.19 mi89 ft8.7%
Yerbeston twd Oak Hill (Cresswell quay)0.73 mi151 ft0.9%
Weston Lane Climb0.42 mi384 ft17.1%
climb into Lawrenny0.39 mi105 ft4.8%
climb into Lawrenny0.39 mi105 ft4.8%
Limpin' along0.88 mi92 ft2.0%
down to the river0.36 mi-138 ft-7.1%
Climb out of Cresswell Quay0.58 mi157 ft5.2%
qu'resswell quay qu'limb0.29 mi131 ft8.3%
BigWood1.69 mi56 ft0.1%
Jeff to Reynalton2.75 mi276 ft1.2%
bridge to reynalton0.86 mi148 ft3.2%
reynalton hill to church0.87 mi151 ft3.2%
Reynalton Hill1.92 mi276 ft2.7%
Reynalton hill mid part0.92 mi197 ft4.0%
Reynalton hill to Croft0.67 mi154 ft4.4%
TAKE OFF1.14 mi-85 ft-0.4%
Templeton to Cold Blow0.87 mi72 ft1.1%
Cold Blow to Princes Gate0.74 mi-30 ft-0.3%
Princes Gate to Narberth (Kiln Park Road)1.57 mi-135 ft-1.3%