Meridian Triathlon Bike Course

Cycling Route

12.3 mi
413 ft
Created By
Meridian Triathlon Club

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Long Road (Going North)1.91 mi125 ft1.2%
1st half Long rd (heading north)0.78 mi85 ft2.1%
Long Road Lump1.18 mi95 ft0.5%
long rd (from the edge of comberton)1.61 mi105 ft1.2%
FreeFall0.35 mi-66 ft-3.5%
Long Road (northern bit)0.76 mi72 ft1.0%
Long Road (Hill)0.62 mi89 ft2.7%
Long Road to Scotland1.34 mi-20 ft-0.0%
St. Neots Road section0.73 mi-13 ft0.0%
St Neots Road (Cambridge Road to Highfields Road)1.29 mi43 ft0.1%
Hardwick to Broadway1.92 mi59 ft0.3%
hardwick to caldecote0.67 mi33 ft0.7%
Up to Highfields straight (till garage)0.64 mi36 ft0.7%
CG Sector 21.18 mi-10 ft-0.1%
St Neots Road (Highfields Road to Broadway)1.14 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Cross those bridges1.29 mi-13 ft-0.0%
A428 Bridge to Broadway turn0.70 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Ryans Blast0.27 mi16 ft1.1%
A428 to Caldecote turn3.87 mi-144 ft-0.6%
A428 to bottom of Alms hill2.05 mi-151 ft-1.2%
A428 bridge to Bourn2.24 mi-118 ft-0.5%
Bourn Bridge To Comberton5.57 mi-161 ft-0.5%
Cambourne-Bourn2.07 mi-121 ft-0.7%
Airport to Caxton End1.96 mi-121 ft-1.0%
Broadway to Fox Road2.08 mi-125 ft-0.8%
Bourne Identity2.01 mi-69 ft-0.3%
The Bourne Identity0.46 mi46 ft1.6%
Alms Hill0.15 mi36 ft4.3%
Bourn lungs burning sprint0.36 mi43 ft2.3%
Gills Hill down to Bourn Road0.78 mi-43 ft-0.7%
Race to the bottom1.23 mi-39 ft-0.5%
Bourn to Comberton 5km TT3.12 mi-62 ft-0.2%
Bourn for speed2.49 mi-62 ft-0.2%
High Street Toft0.49 mi43 ft1.6%
Toft Climb0.26 mi36 ft2.5%, Meridian uphill sprint0.24 mi13 ft1.1%
Greenwich Meridian sprint0.08 mi16 ft3.5%