Kanan to Buzzards and Zuma loop

Running Route

21.68 mi
5,314 ft
This is a very hard loop. Be prepared with lots of water and fuel.
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kanan to Zuma Ridge BBT2.51 mi308 ft1.6%
Kanan to Buzzard3.79 mi1,004 ft4.4%
Backbone Trail Climb0.36 mi167 ft8.7%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy Climb0.86 mi486 ft10.6%
Backbone to Buzzard's1.34 mi676 ft9.3%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy Climb0.66 mi285 ft8.2%
Buzzard's DH to Busch4.19 mi-1,985 ft-9.0%
Zuma Ridge DH from Trancas connector2.63 mi-1,358 ft-9.8%
Zuma Ridge Trail Last Mile Down1.02 mi-568 ft-10.6%
Kanan Edison Rd Climb1.02 mi728 ft13.3%
Kanan-Edison: Canyon View to fork1.34 mi673 ft9.0%
Zuma Cyn Connector Trail Climb0.73 mi335 ft8.4%
Kanan-Edison Road Climb0.34 mi220 ft12.1%
Zuma/Trancas DH westbound1.69 mi-971 ft-10.9%
Zuma Edison - Ridge to Ridge Westbound3.63 mi1,093 ft0.8%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy (the whole thing)1.87 mi1,076 ft10.9%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy Climb1.31 mi728 ft10.5%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy Climb0.63 mi410 ft12.3%
Zuma Ridge Mtwy Climb1.19 mi692 ft11.0%
Backbone Trail - Zuma Ridge to Kanan T12.54 mi-299 ft-1.5%
Zuma Ridge to Kanan BBT2.30 mi-305 ft-1.3%
Backbone Trail Climb0.28 mi174 ft11.3%