Parmer Push

Cycling Route

50.64 mi
2,110 ft
10-mile stretch, wind favorable
Created By
bRad W
January 10, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Steiner Ranch Cycling Rollout1.05 mi-59 ft-0.2%
SRC Warm Up1.88 mi223 ft2.2%
Steiner Ranch Climb0.39 mi138 ft6.7%
Steiner Bell2Bank1.13 mi131 ft1.7%
Steiner Ranch Finishing Punch0.61 mi105 ft3.1%
620 Steiner Ranch to 2222, middle section0.60 mi-13 ft-0.0%
2222 to Rock Harbour0.91 mi-33 ft-0.6%
620 sprint3.26 mi-56 ft-0.2%
620 N Boulder Sprint1.46 mi-46 ft-0.4%
620N > Concordia > Foundation2.13 mi-39 ft-0.0%
Anderson Mill Climb from 6200.73 mi95 ft2.4%
LTDTCTT2.80 mi-82 ft-0.1%
TNT Chase back on0.66 mi-52 ft-1.1%
Twin Creeks Lap - CClockwise1.04 mi-30 ft-0.0%
TNT - Back Stretch Speed Interval 10.49 mi-16 ft-0.4%
Twin Creek Finish Pain0.65 mi36 ft1.0%
TNT Finish Sprint (last ~500m)0.30 mi23 ft1.5%
Cypress Creek to Lime Creek1.62 mi43 ft0.1%
Anderson Mill - Wide road section0.57 mi26 ft0.4%
Better Pedal Fast0.16 mi0 ft0.1%
Home Stretch Sprint0.35 mi-30 ft-1.5%
School Sprint0.16 mi-16 ft-2.1%
New New Hope1.06 mi-56 ft-0.9%
Grind to 14310.63 mi-43 ft-0.0%
Final Bat Sprint0.18 mi26 ft2.6%
Parmer Colonial to Kenal0.58 mi43 ft1.3%
Kenal to Brushy Downhill Hit1.01 mi-49 ft-0.9%
Brushy Creek to Avery Ranch0.63 mi72 ft1.5%
Brushy Creek climb1.27 mi66 ft0.9%
to AJ's Sprint from Avery Ranch0.63 mi20 ft0.5%
Sonic Escape 0.29 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Parmer (620 to Amberglenn)0.30 mi-26 ft-1.6%
Tamayo to Dallas0.48 mi16 ft0.4%
Parmer, McNeil - Amherst2.17 mi-82 ft-0.6%
Parmer_0.21 mi16 ft1.5%
Riata To Amherst1.11 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Amhearst to Adelphi0.20 mi-23 ft-1.8%
Adelphi to Eton, Amherst0.65 mi20 ft0.3%
Duval (Aspendale to tracks)0.30 mi7 ft0.4%
Santa Cruz'n South0.67 mi26 ft0.8%
Floral Park West0.43 mi131 ft5.8%
Fireoak Eastbound - Raincreek to Oak View0.27 mi95 ft6.6%
Fireoak 10.31 mi89 ft5.4%
Rustic Rock to Lemens Spice sprint0.14 mi20 ft2.4%
Anderson Mill1.11 mi16 ft0.2%
620 - HEB to Boulder 21.80 mi-39 ft-0.1%
620 HEB to 4 points3.61 mi59 ft0.2%
620S > Boulder > Wilson Parke2.06 mi36 ft0.1%
Nearly home at Corralberry1.80 mi-217 ft-2.3%
SRB Rise0.49 mi-16 ft-0.4%