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NBB run - Lake Hollywood

Running Route

10.23 mi
1,179 ft
Lake Hollywood to Dante's Peak
Created By
Mariela M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
I wonder if Faeron runs like the wind here0.98 mi-36 ft-0.5%
Let's get this run started!0.37 mi-16 ft-0.7%
West section south1.13 mi-79 ft-1.0%
On the Pipe!0.21 mi10 ft0.2%
the Dammed0.16 mi33 ft2.5%
Between the castles (up)0.97 mi220 ft4.3%
Deronda Dr Climb1.19 mi285 ft4.5%
Deronda Dr Climb0.31 mi135 ft8.2%
Griffith Park Mulholland from Mt. Lee Rd. to Mt. Hollywood Rd. 1.15 mi151 ft1.5%
Mt Hollywood Dr Climb0.48 mi167 ft6.1%
Fire Rd Climb0.52 mi213 ft7.5%
Fire Road Switchbacks to Mt. Hollywood Summit0.74 mi285 ft7.2%
Fire road to peak0.69 mi295 ft8.1%
Golden Road - Run It Fast®0.48 mi-164 ft-5.9%
Uncoiling - Run It Fast®3.61 mi-577 ft-2.8%
Hollywood Sign 5K - Run It Fast®3.13 mi-545 ft-3.2%
Griffith Park Mulholland Dr. from Mt. Hollywood to Mt. Lee Rd.1.14 mi-154 ft-1.3%
Mulholland dirt gate to gate1.82 mi-197 ft-2.1%
X2Canyon Unwind - Run It Fast®1.31 mi-338 ft-4.8%
Mt. Lee Hollywood Stars - Run It Fast®0.43 mi-72 ft-3.1%
Déjà pu - Run It Fast®0.31 mi-79 ft-4.6%
Hidden Trail Down - Run It Fast®0.41 mi-118 ft-5.4%
Canyon Lake Speed Zone - Run It Slow®0.13 mi-85 ft-12.3%
Eat My Dust - Run It Fast®0.67 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Road Section0.67 mi-49 ft-0.5%