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Victoria Park Loop

Running Route

2.71 mi
17 ft
A loop of the popular running spot in East London.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Victoria Park Loop N. Entrance2.70 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: North-East Gate to People's Tavern (westbound)0.26 mi16 ft0.1%
long park quick one0.68 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: North-East Gate to Village gate (westbound)0.68 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park Loop: Molesworth Gate2.71 mi-20 ft0.0%
Victoria Park: Northeast Gate to Canal Gate (westbound)1.08 mi-20 ft-0.2%
Victoria Park: Northern Drive to Queen's Gate (anti-clockwise; track)0.23 mi13 ft0.0%
Victoria Park Loop: from NorthEast Gate (ACW)2.66 mi-33 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: People's Tavern to Royal Inn (westbound)0.41 mi-10 ft-0.1%
VP 1K westbound0.60 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: Village gate to park gate (westbound)0.20 mi3 ft0.2%
Victoria Park: Village to Gore rd gate (westbound)0.35 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Victoria Park: Westside big horseshoe (ACW)0.82 mi-20 ft-0.3%
Victoria Park: Gore Rd gate to gate (westbound)0.15 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Victoria Park Horseshoe (acw)0.36 mi10 ft0.1%
Victoria Park: Westside small horseshoe (ACW)0.35 mi10 ft0.2%
Victoria Park: Canal Gate to Bonner Gate (eastbound)0.12 mi7 ft0.8%
Victoria Park: Southern Drive to The Pavillion0.43 mi-20 ft-0.5%
Victoria Park: Southern Drive (outer-ring track)1.18 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: Canal Gate to Northeast Gate (eastbound)1.52 mi23 ft0.0%
Victoria Park: Canal Gate to Pavilion (eastbound)0.43 mi-20 ft-0.5%
Victoria Park: Canal Gate to St Marks (eastbound)1.19 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Drag the stump!0.14 mi-13 ft-1.4%
Victoria Park: Crown Gate to St Mark's (eastbound)0.71 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Victoria Park: Crown Gate to NorthEast Gate (eastbound)1.05 mi20 ft0.1%
Park Roundabout to Gunmakers0.33 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Victoria Park: 1500m segment from Grove gate0.93 mi-16 ft-0.0%
north park quick one0.42 mi16 ft0.0%
Victoria Park: St Mark's to NorthEast Gate (northbound)0.33 mi20 ft0.6%