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Reliability Ride - 50 Miles

Cycling Route

51.11 mi
3,136 ft
The longer version of the Richard Milner annual reliability ride.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fire College to Barton turn0.84 mi-20 ft-0.4%
4 Shires Stone to Wolford Sprint1.79 mi-49 ft-0.3%
Cherington Ramps1.47 mi66 ft0.0%
Sutton lane to Tysoe turn KOM2.78 mi381 ft2.2%
Lower Holloway Hill0.56 mi171 ft5.7%
B4035 to Epwell crossroads1.02 mi43 ft0.6%
Wynyates Winga-dinga Down1.80 mi-354 ft-3.7%
#decent0.67 mi-197 ft-5.5%
Drybank Drag Strip0.76 mi-20 ft-0.5%
Short, flat blast2.33 mi-82 ft-0.6%
Fell Mill River Blast0.50 mi-39 ft-0.9%
Shipston outbound Mile-High slog1.05 mi95 ft1.7%
School Climb0.49 mi66 ft2.6%
Darlingscott Drag1.19 mi72 ft0.9%
Campden/Nebsworth Hill1.59 mi433 ft5.1%
Campden Pitch (the steep bit)0.50 mi266 ft10.0%
Ilmington to Hidcote rd2.31 mi-292 ft-1.0%
Nebsworth descent to Hidcote Rd1.03 mi-256 ft-4.7%
Newsworth Descent without gravel corner0.57 mi-194 ft-6.4%
Yubberton to Mickleton2.20 mi-285 ft-2.4%
Baker's Hill Decent0.72 mi-302 ft-8.0%
Mickleton to Weston2.44 mi-75 ft-0.0%
Mickleton Bridge Drag0.31 mi66 ft4.0%
Bridge Climb to Willersey3.69 mi-72 ft-0.1%
Weston decent 0.35 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Weston Subedge to Willersey Sprint1.46 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Willersey dog leg - S0.94 mi39 ft0.5%
Willersey Rise0.25 mi33 ft2.3%
Gone with the wind0.90 mi30 ft0.3%
Leamington Rd0.66 mi56 ft1.5%
Like a musical, just without the music. Sprint!0.35 mi-46 ft-2.4%
Broadway to Snowshill2.38 mi489 ft3.7%
Broadway Tower Drag4.56 mi758 ft3.0%
Snowshill Climb Section 11.91 mi482 ft4.8%
Snowshill Climb to Lavender Fields 1.45 mi551 ft7.2%
Snowshill to first car park 0.77 mi338 ft8.2%
Gloucestershire Snowshill Summit 0.75 mi315 ft7.9%
Get Spinning!0.27 mi69 ft4.9%
Dleif Red Neval 0.54 mi82 ft2.8%
Post-Lavender Drag0.23 mi33 ft2.8%
Top of Fish to Dovers (reinstated)2.15 mi-210 ft-1.7%
The Narrows (1st Half)1.38 mi-125 ft-1.7%
Saintbury To Chipping Campden Descent2.02 mi-374 ft-3.5%
On it!0.92 mi-131 ft-2.7%
Faster please0.86 mi-75 ft-1.6%
Chipping to Broad1.05 mi49 ft0.9%
Chipping Broad Northwick smash2.61 mi-141 ft-0.5%
Broad Campden Rollers1.45 mi-161 ft-1.7%
Ablers Wood Steep Section0.28 mi177 ft11.5%
Escaping the madness 1.21 mi-180 ft-2.6%