An Ode to Creemore’s Turas Mor

Cycling Route

38.08 km
660 m
Test ride the Creemore Springs Turas Mór event route! A truly unique bike tour – Creemore Springs Turas Mór event takes place in the Village of Creemore on Saturday, May 23rd. Inspired by the vintage rides of Europe, Turas Mór – meaning ‘Great Journey’ in Gaelic - is a cycling journey on gravel and non-gravel roads through the challenging, yet beautiful, rolling hills of Creemore in the heart of Clearview Township. For seasoned riders to first-timers, there’s something for everyone! Creemore Springs offers three distances to choose from: 20k, 40k & 60k. Registration includes a fabulous day of cycling, local food & drink at designated rest stops along each route, a fun après back at the Brewery which includes a hearty post-ride lunch & live music, a gift from Creemore & small town hospitality from start to finish. To register for the event, please visit Please note: This route is a mix of gravel and pavement. A gravel, cyclocross, or hybrid bike is recommended for these roads.
Created By
Cycle Simcoe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cream of Creemore2.85 km196 m6.9%
conc. 5 kickoff1.55 km108 m6.9%
Concession 5 hill2.69 km190 m7.1%
Nottawasaga 3/4 1.29 km5 m0.2%
Lavender Hill Downhill1.51 km-111 m-7.4%
Sideroad 6&7 Climb3.83 km169 m4.4%
6&7 First Part1.91 km102 m5.3%
Really hurts in the legs0.49 km31 m6.2%
Factory Farm Sprint2.51 km-29 m-0.8%
Modified Factory - Farm Sprint2.20 km-31 m-1.4%
Sideroad 15 & 16 Nottawasaga Climb1.42 km84 m6.0%
0.66 km58 m8.7%
Fairgrounds (15 to 12)1.29 km34 m2.4%
Creemore Hill Down1.83 km-116 m-6.2%
Creemore Short Down0.68 km-74 m-10.9%