GVCC Strava Gran Fond-Solo Pinewood Hill-Mosher-Egypt

Cycling Route

45.88 mi
3,224 ft
Created By
Jerfy ?

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
quaker roller2.19 mi-141 ft-0.4%
Quaker Meeting House Southbound Climb0.61 mi121 ft3.7%
Up from the Quaker Meeting1.99 mi92 ft0.8%
Doran South3.57 mi-105 ft-0.1%
Honeoye Creek WMA0.91 mi49 ft1.0%
* ALLENS COUNTRY WAY * TO STORE *2.68 mi-36 ft-0.0%
Gulick and Mosher3.17 mi843 ft5.0%
Gulick Rd Climb2.15 mi610 ft5.4%
Mosher via Gulick0.32 mi190 ft10.9%
Mosher from Gulick0.41 mi213 ft9.5%
Fast Mosher Descent1.05 mi-381 ft-6.9%
HALF UP0.50 mi85 ft2.7%
One & A Half, DOWN1.47 mi-299 ft-3.9%
Full Egypt1.11 mi348 ft3.9%
rl, Egypt Hill Rd Climb1.51 mi423 ft5.3%
Egypt Rd Hill1.25 mi413 ft6.2%
* PEDAL AND TUCK * PEDAL AND TUCK *0.74 mi-210 ft-5.0%
BMRR Route 32 descent to 20A0.70 mi-200 ft-5.4%
* SMALL UP *0.43 mi56 ft2.4%
* A QUICK Km *0.63 mi-144 ft-4.3%
* GREEN SPEEDWAY *0.67 mi-52 ft-1.5%
Green Rd Descent0.32 mi-105 ft-6.0%
* REAL GREEN SPEED *0.21 mi-108 ft-9.5%
* JAM IT *0.21 mi43 ft3.8%
Taft to Sand0.68 mi59 ft1.6%
Conn Rd 1.31 mi85 ft0.5%
* START COUNTING THE ROLLERS *0.89 mi-33 ft-0.0%
W Bloomfield Rt14 to Boughton Hill1.67 mi-108 ft-1.2%
W Bloomfield Boughton Hill to Cheese Factory0.95 mi-72 ft-1.4%
keepin ya honest my friend0.74 mi39 ft1.0%