Miller - Pounding Creek - Broad Axe

Cycling Route

19.08 mi
1,600 ft
Created By
Jim D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Powells Creek Hill on Jarmans0.43 mi56 ft1.9%
Jarmans to Golf Dr Circle0.90 mi-69 ft-0.6%
Old Trail South1.34 mi-92 ft-0.6%
OT Drive Hill0.51 mi69 ft0.2%
Forest Glen Climb0.47 mi98 ft3.9%
MS KOM - RR161.47 mi187 ft2.3%
Miller School Climb South1.00 mi180 ft3.3%
Miller School Climb Part 10.40 mi131 ft6.2%
The Real Miller School Climb0.84 mi167 ft3.7%
MS Climb - Turn to Pounding Creek0.83 mi151 ft3.4%
Miller School Climb Part 20.29 mi98 ft6.5%
Pounding Creek Rd East2.54 mi-138 ft-0.8%
Broad Axe Gravel North 1.10 mi-180 ft-3.1%
Bad Axe3.38 mi-194 ft-0.6%
Paved Broad Axe North2.25 mi171 ft0.5%
old 3 notched rd climb0.97 mi171 ft2.8%
7 Hills Climb0.45 mi138 ft5.7%
3 notched to Crozet3.24 mi236 ft1.4%
802 >>> Car Wash2.29 mi95 ft0.6%
Park Ridge to Crozet Ave1.42 mi92 ft1.2%
Great Value Sprint0.19 mi30 ft2.9%