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Oak Glen Front Side

Cycling Route

42.51 mi
4,361 ft
BC Route
Created By
Devin Wilson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
East Palm Short Climb0.23 mi20 ft1.4%
5th Ave Dragger0.51 mi69 ft2.5%
Walnut South1.15 mi292 ft4.7%
Overcrest Drive climb0.52 mi154 ft5.6%
Overcrest DH0.40 mi-92 ft-4.3%
stonewood climb0.51 mi125 ft4.7%
Oak Glen Rd Climb1.53 mi387 ft4.8%
Redlands Classic - Oak Glen Finish Climb5.37 mi1,975 ft6.9%
Bryant to Potatoe Canyon3.39 mi1,083 ft6.1%
Bryant to Casa Blanca Ranch0.84 mi243 ft5.4%
OG first 2 miles2.01 mi558 ft5.3%
Race to Los Rios (Laces Out)6.73 mi2,057 ft5.7%
Oak Glen Warm up, Oak Hill Ln to 2nd Powerline :}0.25 mi95 ft7.1%
Oak Glen Pendleton to Parrish Ranch3.46 mi1,762 ft6.4%
Oak Glen5.12 mi1,831 ft6.8%
To Potato1.38 mi492 ft6.7%
connector0.56 mi200 ft6.6%
Thirsty yet?/El Dorado-Lookout climb1.75 mi636 ft6.9%
Oak Glen PC to PC1.09 mi344 ft5.9%
Oak Glen PC to top3.19 mi994 ft5.9%
Oak Glen from Potato Canyon1.67 mi666 ft7.5%
OG Steep Section0.34 mi151 ft8.2%
Harris Road Climb0.73 mi312 ft8.1%
Fire Station to Pendleton DH.5.18 mi-1,837 ft-6.7%
Oak Glen Twisties DH3.03 mi-1,086 ft-6.8%
NW Oak Glen Downhill 3.45 mi-1,165 ft-6.4%
Climb to Twisties0.22 mi20 ft1.2%
Pendleton Twisties0.59 mi-144 ft-4.2%
Outer Highway To 17th St0.35 mi30 ft1.4%
Avenue N climb0.21 mi69 ft6.0%
Alta Vista Dr climb finish0.17 mi49 ft5.3%
Top of Alta Vista0.41 mi-20 ft-0.2%
Sunset Alta Vista to Helen0.77 mi-59 ft-1.4%
Redlands downhill (Sunset-Smiley Heights-Terracina)6.56 mi-906 ft-2.6%
Sunset DH Palo Alto to Rossmont1.65 mi-154 ft-1.4%
Feed Zone down to Elder on the Set0.82 mi-75 ft-1.7%
Down, down, down4.21 mi-650 ft-2.9%
Sunset Feed Zone to Edgemont1.02 mi-141 ft-2.6%
Bomb Down Sunset2.78 mi-463 ft-3.2%
The Wall - Reverse0.63 mi-151 ft-4.5%
Center Line Rule 0.86 mi-200 ft-4.4%
Bottom of The Wall to Alessandro1.02 mi-194 ft-3.6%
Sprint past the Castle to Ridge0.32 mi-39 ft-2.4%
Sunset/Mariposa to Smiley2.25 mi-331 ft-2.8%
Bomb Down Serpentine0.36 mi-92 ft-4.8%
Smiley Heights Dr0.72 mi-85 ft-1.8%
Terracina Downhill TT1.18 mi-180 ft-2.9%
Cypress-Olive via Terricina0.47 mi-66 ft-2.6%
Barton | Terracina to Bellevue0.42 mi16 ft0.4%
olive to fern on cajon0.23 mi26 ft2.2%