Past Month

Bridges of (Lawrence) County

Cycling Route

72.8 mi
5,553 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2nd to Grimes Sprint (RS)0.54 mi-26 ft-0.9%
RIP Salt Crick0.27 mi20 ft0.4%
Old 37 Dillman to Ketcham1.46 mi-157 ft-0.0%
Old 37 TT SB8.40 mi279 ft0.1%
Old 37 and Judah south to Hayes Rd10.57 mi279 ft0.1%
Old 37 south of Ketcham0.26 mi72 ft5.1%
Old 37 southbound from Smithville Rd to Sieboldt Quarry Rd7.17 mi289 ft0.1%
OoOoOo litic14.48 mi-322 ft-0.0%
Hill #1 south of Harrodsburg0.55 mi95 ft3.2%
Burg to 373.24 mi256 ft1.4%
Old 370.53 mi164 ft5.8%
Judah to Peerless3.88 mi-272 ft-1.0%
McFadden Ridge Rd South to Peerless from Hayes/ Judah2.07 mi-141 ft-1.3%
Peerless Road South to Breckenridge Rd3.73 mi217 ft0.8%
The Strainer2.02 mi203 ft1.5%
Ridge Rd. DH1.02 mi-197 ft-3.6%
Springville to Harrodsburg road1.65 mi66 ft0.8%
Hill north of Springville0.29 mi95 ft6.3%
Rowdy on Rockport4.12 mi-95 ft-0.3%
Butcher Hill0.19 mi82 ft8.2%
Church Ln, Victor to Rogers0.48 mi-92 ft-3.0%
Church to Winslow on Rogers1.95 mi95 ft0.8%
Rogers, northbound Church to Hillside2.95 mi105 ft0.5%
Batchelor Rollers North0.89 mi49 ft1.0%
B-Line from Patterson to 4th0.80 mi33 ft0.7%