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Cycling Route

51.97 mi
3,556 ft
Created By
Kevin H
July 30, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Getting out of Dodge1.36 mi105 ft0.2%
Fountain Drive Climb to Vernal Pike0.75 mi85 ft2.1%
Vernal Pike from Crescent to Karst Farm Greenway1.80 mi-115 ft-0.3%
Vernal Climb Westbound0.55 mi121 ft4.1%
Vernal Pike and Howard from Hartstraight to Whitehall4.46 mi-187 ft-0.6%
Howard Rd from Hartstrait to Whitehall4.35 mi-184 ft-0.7%
Howard Rd. westbound3.16 mi-174 ft-0.3%
Howard Rd. Trifecta0.60 mi82 ft2.2%
Howard From Louden2.94 mi-167 ft-0.6%
Whitehall East to West0.37 mi131 ft6.6%
Whitehall Long Descent2.72 mi-220 ft-1.5%
TBolt's Demise0.20 mi-85 ft-7.7%
Porter Ridge Westbound. Full4.94 mi-276 ft-0.2%
Porter Ridge Climb0.62 mi190 ft5.8%
Keep Porter Ridge Clean!0.40 mi108 ft4.5%
Figg Farm Backside Climb0.46 mi171 ft7.0%
freedom to spencer7.93 mi-141 ft-0.0%
Old River Rd.1.16 mi223 ft3.5%
Tier Ten Tester0.59 mi72 ft2.2%
Hardscrabble and Reeves to Ellettsville 5.49 mi-174 ft-0.1%
Hardscrabble and Reeves to Louden from 434.87 mi-174 ft-0.0%
43 to Louden4.65 mi171 ft0.0%
Watertower Hill0.57 mi154 ft4.9%
Water Tower Hill0.37 mi144 ft7.3%
Reeves Corn Fields1.61 mi-112 ft-0.7%
Reeves East0.97 mi46 ft0.6%
Woodyard from Hartstrait to Vernal3.27 mi125 ft0.2%
Woodyard bump0.39 mi85 ft3.7%
Vernal up & over0.40 mi89 ft4.0%