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Vernal-Kirksville-The Alps(ccw)

Cycling Route

46.85 mi
3,692 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
7th from Indiana to Rogers0.59 mi43 ft0.3%
7th, from Dunn to Adams1.08 mi79 ft1.2%
Getting out of Dodge1.36 mi105 ft0.2%
Fountain Drive Climb to Vernal Pike0.75 mi85 ft2.1%
Vernal Pike from Crescent to Karst Farm Greenway1.80 mi-115 ft-0.3%
Vernal Climb Westbound0.55 mi121 ft4.1%
Vernal Pike Descent3.37 mi-161 ft-0.9%
Chapel0.59 mi180 ft5.8%
Dot's Garrison Chapel Climb0.71 mi200 ft5.3%
Garrison Chapel to Rockport6.81 mi207 ft0.3%
Harmony (south)4.65 mi210 ft0.6%
Harmony foothills0.87 mi118 ft2.6%
Harmony Hill0.65 mi184 ft5.3%
Up Harmony Hill0.43 mi161 ft7.1%
Kirks Rollerz1.03 mi43 ft0.1%
Rockport Jam2.86 mi-89 ft-0.4%
short and sweet0.39 mi39 ft1.6%
Tree line sprint1.05 mi-49 ft-0.8%
Sieboldt Quarry Rd 'East' Climb0.32 mi102 ft5.9%
Sieboldt Quarry "West" Climb0.23 mi108 ft8.9%
Sieboldt Quarry Rd Eastbound2.87 mi-187 ft-0.0%
Guthrie to the bridge2.17 mi-266 ft-2.2%
Gurthie KICK0.17 mi52 ft5.9%
Mini Alp #10.25 mi105 ft7.8%
Valley Mission Rd II0.51 mi141 ft5.2%
The Alps1.16 mi167 ft2.7%
Alpe to Dam1.84 mi177 ft0.4%
Valley Mission Downhill0.70 mi-167 ft-3.4%
Mission Valley Downhill (short)0.33 mi-144 ft-8.2%
Gah Dam 1.48 mi184 ft2.2%
Under the Overlook0.29 mi69 ft4.4%
Monroe Dam Road1.03 mi121 ft2.2%
Strain Ridge and Fairfax-- northbound from Harrodsburg to Moffet6.23 mi157 ft0.1%
Strain Ridge Northbound0.86 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Strain Ridge northbound2.56 mi49 ft0.0%
Doc knoll0.23 mi23 ft1.8%
Dead Knight Knoll0.15 mi30 ft3.4%
Fairfax from Smithville to Walnut Pike2.69 mi-174 ft-0.8%
Fairfax from Smithville to Schacht2.51 mi-161 ft-0.8%
Sanders Hill0.30 mi89 ft5.5%
Moffat Ln. Climb0.21 mi30 ft2.6%
Fairfax from Moffett to Walnut0.68 mi-98 ft-2.7%
Walnut Street Pike0.87 mi138 ft2.9%
Fairfax to Miller2.63 mi125 ft0.9%
Walnut Pike into Henderson from Fairfax to Hillside2.86 mi128 ft0.6%
Rolling Hills on Walnut Street Pike (Northbound)0.85 mi-46 ft-0.2%
South Finisher...Henderson Northbound0.38 mi52 ft2.6%
Henderson from Hillside to Atwater0.79 mi36 ft0.2%