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Extended Lake Mendota Loop

Cycling Route

44.87 km
407 m
Created By
Harald Kl

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Off The Temin Path0.23 km-3 m-0.6%
Eagle Hights3.13 km30 m0.6%
Community garden climb0.28 km16 m5.6%
Lake Mendota Dr Climb East to West1.21 km19 m1.3%
Welcome to Shorewood Hills0.13 km11 m8.4%
mendota dr1.85 km-21 m-0.7%
Uppity0.60 km11 m0.9%
University kick up to allen0.62 km15 m2.2%
Pheasant Branch Northbound3.66 km25 m0.1%
PB hills to Balzer2.29 km26 m0.4%
Pheasant Branch Road Climb0.68 km96 m13.9%
Branch to Fisher RD0.47 km14 m3.0%
Kingsley Cemetery1.50 km8 m0.4%
Woodland East to Century2.77 km-11 m-0.1%
Woodland Drive1.59 km-17 m-0.5%
Final push to Tuscany1.14 km10 m0.1%
South Woodland1.21 km-18 m-1.2%
We Got The Mary Jane1.01 km-8 m-0.3%
Dont Look Back0.98 km2 m0.1%
Too Many Segments1.19 km-5 m-0.2%
Westport Litehouse V22.50 km24 m0.8%
I will workout today!0.95 km9 m0.3%
Maple Bluff Up & Down2.76 km-28 m-0.1%
Maple Bluff, To the Top.2.05 km26 m1.0%
Woodward South0.84 km-7 m-0.8%
Last kicker in the Bluff 0.77 km19 m1.5%
PB always baits me into it0.43 km15 m3.5%
No, Seriously Tax The 1%0.61 km-2 m-0.3%
East Mifflin Climb0.35 km16 m4.5%
East Mifflin Hill0.37 km16 m4.1%