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Old Hoosier Hills Route(cw)

Cycling Route

70.27 mi
5,431 ft
Created By
Kevin H
October 9, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bus Stop Climb0.34 mi36 ft2.0%
Dot's Lampkins to Pine Grove3.38 mi-89 ft-0.1%
446 South9.60 mi-315 ft-0.1%
Knightridge to Mellencamp2.60 mi-135 ft-0.4%
446 Paynetown to Allen's Creek4.40 mi272 ft0.6%
Causeway South0.72 mi36 ft0.3%
446 Causeway South0.58 mi187 ft6.0%
446 southbound from the Lake to Heltonville11.06 mi276 ft0.1%
S Chapel Hill Rd Climb0.56 mi338 ft11.2%
Dutch Dream5.60 mi-266 ft-0.8%
Horse Camp Climb0.50 mi33 ft0.9%
Knightridge Road Hill0.72 mi164 ft4.0%
446 into Heltonville1.37 mi171 ft2.1%
Breaking Away in Heltonville0.76 mi59 ft0.5%
St Road 58 from 446 to Bartlettsville Road6.71 mi-148 ft-0.1%
State Rd 58 Kicker0.41 mi118 ft5.4%
Car Up!0.57 mi-112 ft-3.4%
BNL Climb0.26 mi49 ft3.2%
Cover Indiana Mt. Pleasant Hill0.71 mi167 ft4.4%
Bartlettsville Hill 21.00 mi121 ft2.3%
Climb north to Ramsey Ridge0.20 mi98 ft9.1%
double decker 0.53 mi200 ft7.0%
J and L climb0.63 mi246 ft7.4%
Judah Climb0.60 mi226 ft7.1%
Guthrie to the bridge2.17 mi-266 ft-2.2%
Gurthie KICK0.17 mi52 ft5.9%
Mini Alp #10.25 mi105 ft7.8%
The Alps1.16 mi167 ft2.7%
Alpe to Dam1.84 mi177 ft0.4%
Valley Mission Downhill0.70 mi-167 ft-3.4%
Mission Valley Downhill (short)0.33 mi-144 ft-8.2%
Gah Dam 1.48 mi184 ft2.2%
Under the Overlook0.29 mi69 ft4.4%
Monroe Dam Road1.03 mi121 ft2.2%
Strain Ridge Northbound0.86 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Strain Ridge northbound2.56 mi49 ft0.0%
Doc knoll0.23 mi23 ft1.8%
Ramp Creek and Handy from Fairfax to Moffett 4.00 mi223 ft0.1%
Ramp Creek East Bound2.15 mi-213 ft-0.1%
Ramp Creek North the hard part0.22 mi105 ft8.9%
Ramp Creek North1.17 mi187 ft2.9%
Ramp Creek0.86 mi184 ft4.0%
Handy North1.71 mi26 ft0.3%
Harrell Rd. Northbound1.37 mi36 ft0.1%
Rhorer Road Westbound1.23 mi-89 ft-0.7%
East Rhorer Climb0.41 mi52 ft2.2%
Rhorer Kick ~ Full0.64 mi72 ft2.1%
Rolling Hills on Walnut Street Pike (Northbound)0.85 mi-46 ft-0.2%
South Finisher...Henderson Northbound0.38 mi52 ft2.6%
Henderson from Hillside to Atwater0.79 mi36 ft0.2%