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3 Bears TT Loop

Cycling Route

18.73 mi
1,683 ft
The three bears loop for the 3 bears time trial. Note the Start/stop location.
Created By
Albert Wilcox

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
3 Bears TT18.66 mi761 ft0.0%
Pumphouse TT Descent0.70 mi-289 ft-7.7%
The TRUE Baby Bear Climb Only0.19 mi92 ft9.3%
Baby Bear climb only0.14 mi62 ft8.3%
*Top of Baby Bear - SPDR - to Castro Ranch Rd5.39 mi-292 ft-0.9%
SPDR TT NB (Part 1)2.00 mi-46 ft-0.0%
Bear's Loop TT Halfway Split (SPDR to Bear Creek turn)10.35 mi-289 ft-0.1%
SPDR - Bear Creek to Alhambra Valley Rd5.30 mi-276 ft-0.9%
SPDR - Wildcat to CastroRanch5.22 mi-292 ft-0.8%
Three Bears Loop from Old SPDR to top of Papa Bear15.13 mi801 ft0.7%
vBHRR Segment 1: SPDR from Old SPDR to Fire Trail 33.29 mi69 ft0.3%
2/3 Bears Loop for CB Summer TT Challenge11.99 mi591 ft0.5%
SPDR TT NB Nutshot Straightaway0.57 mi-20 ft-0.6%
SPDR TT NB Power Climb0.35 mi43 ft2.3%
SPDR TT NB (Part 2)1.84 mi36 ft0.2%
SPDR Crosswalk Sprint0.36 mi20 ft1.0%
San Pablo Dam descent1.12 mi-292 ft-4.3%
SPDR Descent to Castro Ranch1.32 mi-272 ft-3.8%
*SPDR - Castro Ranch Rd - Alhambra Valley Rd2.26 mi207 ft0.3%
Castro Ranch Road - SPDR to Alhambra Valley2.29 mi210 ft0.3%
gpc itt - leg 25.03 mi213 ft0.8%
Rollers4.77 mi217 ft0.8%
Castro Quick Climb0.77 mi154 ft3.8%
Garbage Hill1.25 mi161 ft2.4%
Castroberg climb0.40 mi180 ft6.7%
Crappie Road Sprint0.26 mi-30 ft-1.3%
Castro neighborhood sprint0.56 mi75 ft2.4%
Carriage Hills East Descent0.54 mi-131 ft-4.5%
vBHRR Segment 2: Alhambra Valley Road Bridge to Bump 2.5 miles2.24 mi135 ft1.1%
Alhambra Valley Rd - Castro Ranch to Mama Bear start (invisible climb)4.25 mi308 ft1.4%
Bear creek Road to Top of Papa Southbound5.70 mi584 ft1.6%
Bear Creek Grind (Alhambra to base of Mama)1.55 mi148 ft1.8%
*Alhambra Valley Rd to the top of Mama Bear2.68 mi463 ft3.2%
vBHRR Segment 3: Bear Creek Road sprint town line sign to Hampton Rd0.41 mi39 ft1.7%
Bear Creek - Mama Bear1.16 mi262 ft4.1%
Mama Bear Extended0.64 mi249 ft7.3%
vBHRR Segment 4: Mama Bear Climb steep section from curve to crest0.60 mi236 ft7.3%
Mama Bear Climb0.72 mi233 ft6.1%
Berkeley Hills, Mama Bear0.46 mi190 ft7.7%
KMB KPB Mama to Papa2.76 mi341 ft0.8%
Top of Mama Bear to Happy Valley1.50 mi-223 ft-2.4%
Mama Bear's fat hump0.48 mi56 ft0.7%
Mama Bear Descent0.75 mi-171 ft-4.3%
vBHRR Segment 5: Papa Bear Climb from Happy Valley Rd to the top0.92 mi322 ft6.5%
Papa Bear0.97 mi322 ft6.2%
BHRR - Papa Bear to Finish Line0.87 mi312 ft6.7%
True Papa Bear0.89 mi318 ft6.7%
Papa Bear - BHRR 500M Sprint Finish!0.26 mi105 ft7.5%
High Gear Hump0.53 mi66 ft2.4%
Papa Bear Hump0.34 mi59 ft3.2%