Bodalla 84km with 1,787m Elevation (Long)

Cycling Route

83.99 km
1,787 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Comerang Road Climb1.48 km108 m7.3%
Comerang Road Climb1.30 km90 m6.9%
Comerang Road Climb0.82 km92 m11.2%
Belowra rd to Cadgee rd climb9.38 km451 m4.8%
Cimb to Cobra2.01 km65 m1.3%
Great stretch with a southerly9.09 km34 m0.1%
Waincourt to cemetery bridge7.69 km-24 m-0.2%
Power output test9.34 km42 m0.4%
Bean Shed Hill0.62 km15 m2.4%
Cemetery Bridge to Bodalla1.92 km62 m3.2%