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Narroma 47km with 1,064m Elevation (Long)

Cycling Route

46.95 km
1,064 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bay Rd Narooma0.30 km14 m2.8%
Narooma Golf Course Hill - North Side Steep Part0.27 km28 m10.2%
Narooma Golf Course Hill0.59 km32 m5.2%
Narooma Golf Course Hill (Nth side) steep part ver 20.25 km21 m7.9%
Narooma Golf Course Hill (Nth side) ver 20.61 km32 m5.0%
Up to Woolies0.68 km17 m2.5%
NAR2 old hwy segment2.38 km49 m1.3%
NAR2 old hwy segment2.38 km49 m1.3%
NAR2 first dirt to peak3.03 km60 m2.0%
Engine Road Flyer1.56 km-118 m-7.5%
Punkalla Tilba Rd hill long4.40 km180 m4.0%
Wild Horse to Armatage2.69 km124 m4.6%
Punkalla Tilba Rd Climb2.66 km123 m4.6%
Punkalla Heights Climb0.71 km46 m6.4%
Out of Tilba0.93 km46 m4.9%
Corunna Climb0.85 km52 m6.1%
Citrogen CX Descent0.54 km-33 m-6.1%
Corunna to Bitumen1.73 km82 m4.7%
Corunna Climb1.79 km78 m4.4%
Back to town from Corounna Rd0.72 km46 m6.3%
Nangudga Climb0.76 km43 m5.7%
Crest to IGA0.71 km-36 m-5.1%