Tilden trails

Running Route

6.73 mi
1,261 ft
Created By
Stephanie-Jo Peterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wildcat Gorge to Lone Oak (DH)0.93 mi-213 ft-4.2%
Wildcat Gorge Curran to Loan Oak0.73 mi-115 ft-2.8%
Meadows to Wildcat1.64 mi456 ft5.3%
Meadows Canyon run1.40 mi367 ft4.9%
2 miles uphill1.94 mi748 ft7.3%
Seaview Trail Climb0.80 mi423 ft9.8%
Seaview (Wildcat to Top)1.28 mi597 ft8.8%
Seaview climb 0.39 mi299 ft14.3%
Seaview Climb1.25 mi538 ft8.1%
Big Springs Trail Climb0.73 mi331 ft8.6%
Big Springs Trail Descent0.62 mi-400 ft-12.1%