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Forest Park to Six Flags

Cycling Route

80.09 mi
4,565 ft
Created By
Gerald Lyles (Regulators)

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Through the Corona Gates0.52 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Wydown - Crosswalk to u-turn0.63 mi52 ft1.5%
Clayton Rd. - Galleria to Rte. 10917.32 mi305 ft0.3%
Clayton Killer Climb0.51 mi85 ft3.1%
Clayton WB Lindbergh to Spoede0.52 mi43 ft1.4%
geyer to baxter6.97 mi82 ft0.1%
CLP to CLA1.59 mi46 ft0.2%
Ball(a)s out to Mason2.23 mi-59 ft-0.2%
Des Peres RD to Topping - West0.63 mi-33 ft0.0%
My Namesake 1.72 mi-46 ft-0.3%
Clayton Road: Kehrs Mill to Clarkson0.95 mi-52 ft-0.3%
Clayton downhill @ Strecker0.64 mi-131 ft-3.9%
Clayton climb between the traffic lights1.69 mi200 ft2.2%
Clayton Climb0.79 mi154 ft3.7%
Old Eatherton Sprint0.67 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Rieger Rd - Pond to Wildhourse1.87 mi223 ft2.1%
Rieger, Incline to Wildhorse1.02 mi138 ft2.6%
Hardt Sprint to Ossenfort Stop Sign1.24 mi-213 ft-3.2%
Climbing the fort of Ossenfort0.45 mi171 ft7.0%
Ossenfort full1.31 mi210 ft3.0%
One minute Ossenfort repeat0.22 mi115 ft9.5%
Melrose - Ossenfort to 1002.18 mi75 ft0.2%
Allenton DH1.18 mi-305 ft-4.8%
Allenton to Melrose 4.39 mi374 ft1.3%
Six Flags Hill 1.32 mi344 ft4.9%
Visitor's Center to Melrose: Chase the Rabbit!2.44 mi-89 ft-0.7%
Melrose lite TT, from Manchester3.11 mi-131 ft-0.5%
Ossenfort sprint0.12 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Hardt TT2.36 mi236 ft1.8%
first half of hardt hill0.32 mi118 ft7.0%
Quick Wild Horse Creek From Hardt to Rieger0.97 mi-33 ft-0.4%
BA Climb from Pond0.43 mi141 ft6.2%
Shepard-109 to Strecker2.96 mi-256 ft-1.6%
Clarkson Climb2.27 mi197 ft1.6%
Kehrs Mill to Ballas on Clayton7.40 mi-121 ft-0.1%
Gauntlet Throwdown0.27 mi10 ft0.3%
Clayton (Weideman to Mason)1.26 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Clayton Rd East from Mason Rd to Topping Rd (new) 0.95 mi43 ft0.5%
TCFD to 2701.39 mi62 ft0.4%
Country Meadow Ln Climb0.54 mi69 ft1.3%
Clayton - Schneidthorst's to Warson0.53 mi-72 ft-2.6%
40 to Conway0.36 mi23 ft1.1%
Slavretni1.76 mi85 ft0.7%
The New 1-20.80 mi75 ft1.8%
Clayton Bump0.23 mi43 ft3.4%
mcknight to brentwood0.62 mi-89 ft-2.1%
Bowling to Big Bend1.19 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Saint Rita's Highland Incline 0.34 mi46 ft2.6%
Lagoon to Fine Arts junction EB0.33 mi-10 ft-0.6%
Grand Basin Chasin'0.53 mi0 ft0.0%