Past Month

Northwest Passage

Cycling Route

48.17 mi
3,478 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Geed mountain backside0.19 mi-7 ft-0.6%
cascades park1.65 mi-128 ft-1.4%
Cascades underpass to stop sign 0.90 mi-89 ft-1.9%
North past lower Cascades fields0.51 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Hillview0.19 mi79 ft7.6%
Firehouse Descent0.66 mi-190 ft-5.4%
Old 37 - Farm to Chambers2.47 mi253 ft1.9%
Newt Fulford Rd to the Orchard1.98 mi85 ft0.8%
goin down0.57 mi-161 ft-5.3%
Bryant Creek Lake Bump0.59 mi151 ft4.8%
Forest Northbound Hill0.61 mi151 ft4.7%
Turkey Track Road0.58 mi157 ft5.1%
Paragon Flats0.77 mi10 ft0.1%
Deck Road2.60 mi171 ft1.2%
Deck road north1.02 mi164 ft3.0%
Deck Road0.59 mi151 ft4.8%
Brighton Climb0.21 mi144 ft12.6%
Mt Tabor0.36 mi128 ft5.7%
Non Wanker Mt. Tabor0.36 mi141 ft7.1%
Mt. Tabor Road hill0.20 mi128 ft12.1%
If You've Got Any Heart Left0.82 mi138 ft0.8%
riding lessons0.48 mi105 ft4.1%
Gangnam Style3.41 mi131 ft0.0%
Tabor Rollers1.43 mi-105 ft-0.8%
I think we're lost man0.50 mi79 ft2.9%
SM Maple Grove1.83 mi-79 ft-0.2%
Ray Hill0.19 mi59 ft5.4%
Maple Grove to 37 Bridge0.51 mi108 ft4.0%
Arlington Climb0.41 mi118 ft5.3%
Arlington Rd from Maple Grove to 17th1.56 mi138 ft0.9%
Half way0.20 mi79 ft7.3%
Antique Hill1.43 mi141 ft1.8%