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TT 12.1 - Hillfoot Top to BRCC

Cycling Route

12.1 mi
286 ft
Created By
Ian McDonnell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Southill Sawmills strip0.40 mi13 ft0.4%
Ireland, Railway Bridges0.45 mi49 ft1.4%
Col de Ireland0.37 mi43 ft2.2%
Phew0.15 mi-16 ft-1.9%
Briercliffe - Ireland to GM Growers3.72 mi-112 ft-0.6%
Tankslapper TT0.61 mi13 ft0.1%
Southill Corner0.50 mi-36 ft-1.2%
Southall Passthru1.40 mi-89 ft-1.2%
Southill Drop To The Chapel0.82 mi-82 ft-1.9%
Southill Sprint0.56 mi-33 ft-1.1%
B658, Southill to Hill Lane1.62 mi-23 ft-0.3%
Growers1.41 mi-20 ft-0.2%
speed camera flash flash0.42 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Salad Dodgers bloc Sprint 10.92 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Ickwell Sprint0.29 mi-7 ft-0.4%
Northill to Cople3.44 mi-138 ft-0.1%
Northill to Cardington4.43 mi-141 ft-0.1%
Northill Rising1.26 mi82 ft1.2%
Moxhill0.71 mi89 ft2.2%
Moxhill steep section0.30 mi62 ft3.9%
Cople top Cardington3.12 mi-135 ft-0.7%
In To Cople1.37 mi-125 ft-1.7%
speedy downhill0.53 mi-89 ft-3.1%
Downhill to Cardington2.80 mi-128 ft-0.8%
Straight to Cople0.97 mi-43 ft-0.8%
Cople Bridleway Link0.87 mi-20 ft-0.4%
iCycle Cople to Cardington Sprint Finish1.04 mi7 ft0.1%
BRCC Final 1Km0.65 mi-10 ft-0.1%