SEQ Trail Running Series - Bayview - Long Course

Running Route

11.02 km
220 m
Created By
The Trail Co - Events

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bayview Trail Running Series - Long - 201610.61 km-66 m-0.1%
Wolf Peach - In1.66 km34 m1.2%
Chicken Run Out0.80 km-27 m-3.3%
Straddie Pipe Line Rd Sprint1.54 km-18 m-0.4%
Chicken Straight0.97 km-13 m-1.1%
Kidding West2.26 km20 m0.3%
Filling Rattler East0.42 km-14 m-0.7%
Calendar Boys0.57 km16 m0.0%
Days Road Climb0.74 km41 m5.6%
Main0.18 km10 m3.9%
OLD VERSION - Rutted days0.13 km7 m2.2%
Sorceress1.83 km-26 m-1.3%