The Socks Ride #8!

Cycling Route

57.4 mi
2,501 ft
This will be Aussie Pursuit style!!! First group will go off at 7:30AM with the final group (A) leaving around 8:10AM. C group will do the 57 mile route. In the past the AVG speed has been 16-17 mph with speeds not exceeding 20 mph. B group will be broken into 3 sub-sets. This is typically the largest group. B1- does the 57 miles and speeds typically AVG 18-19 mph with speeds not exceeding 22. B2- does the 57 miles and speeds typically AVG 20-21 mph with speeds not exceeding 24 mph B3- does the 57 mile and speeds typically AVG 22-23 mph with speeds not exceeding 26 mph. A group will do 57 miles and there is not SPEED limits. This group will typically AVG 25-26 mph with speeds in excess of 30.
Created By
Roy Foley

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jessamine Northbound3.15 mi-89 ft-0.3%
VO2 Evening Sprint 11.19 mi-59 ft-0.6%
Clay Hill to Store Stop0.77 mi-52 ft-1.3%
Trilby Outbound5.61 mi-121 ft-0.2%
TT Sprint0.77 mi62 ft1.3%
VO2 Evening Sprint 22.56 mi-62 ft-0.4%
Kettering Rd Climb0.26 mi20 ft1.0%
Trilby to Croom via trail9.26 mi-36 ft-0.0%
Aeropro Timed Segment 1 9.17 mi-49 ft-0.1%
Coochee - Hwy 50 Climb Northbound0.21 mi33 ft2.8%
Coochee -Hwy 50 TH to Croom TH4.96 mi-30 ft-0.0%
Croom Rd - Westbound3.91 mi108 ft0.5%
Croom Rd - Westbound (Croom Rital to Tucker Hill)3.81 mi118 ft0.4%
Yellow back to Tucker1.72 mi108 ft0.9%
Weatherly Road2.56 mi-56 ft-0.1%
Aeropro Timed Segment 21.30 mi108 ft1.5%
Spring Lake Hwy to Church Rd4.15 mi144 ft0.3%
"Neutral Zone" to 2nd sprint finish8.63 mi-95 ft-0.2%
Aeropro Timed Segment 30.90 mi144 ft2.9%
Sarasota Cycling Adventures Ice Cream Hill0.71 mi138 ft3.6%
Ice Cream Hill0.95 mi128 ft2.4%
Ice Cream Hill short0.25 mi89 ft6.5%
SLH Hill0.61 mi98 ft2.8%
Spring Lake Hwy Climb0.72 mi72 ft1.3%
Spring Lake Highway Climb0.43 mi69 ft3.0%
Church street hill2.10 mi131 ft0.6%
Church Rd to Myers Rd2.04 mi144 ft0.7%
Triple Step1.19 mi141 ft2.1%
just church rd climb1.21 mi128 ft2.0%
Aeropro Timed Segment 40.97 mi138 ft2.7%
Triple Step-Where It Counts!0.86 mi141 ft2.9%
Boy Scout Climb0.98 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Clayhill Rd to Blanton Rd2.74 mi-141 ft-0.0%
Clay Hill0.48 mi52 ft2.0%
Clay Hill Rd Sprint0.37 mi-23 ft-0.7%