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The Jerry Route

Cycling Route

79.21 km
1,250 m
Created By
Luke F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sprint into Daffield0.72 km3 m0.4%
Hazelwood to Alport Climb9.34 km222 m2.4%
Hazelwood Hill Climb2.15 km94 m4.4%
Climb through Shottle from White Ln to the Dizzy Heights of Alport4.35 km161 m3.7%
Shottle to Alport height2.31 km90 m3.9%
Fast and Furious2.60 km-45 m-1.4%
Oakerthorpe rd straight0.90 km20 m2.0%
Oakerthorpe road1.69 km-41 m-1.7%
Sketchyyyyy1.27 km-114 m-9.0%
B5023 to Grangemill2.68 km42 m1.5%
Mike - down7.93 km-183 m-1.5%
Got Owt Left?0.58 km32 m5.4%
Winster Miners Descent2.55 km-115 m-4.5%
Decent Descent5.33 km-166 m-3.1%
Winster to Haddon Hall5.69 km-116 m-2.0%
IvyBarBrookNorth-MiresToStantonInPeakTurn1.64 km-46 m-2.8%
Flat lands0.97 km-16 m-1.6%
Alport Dash1.28 km-11 m-0.7%
hump to monyash turn2.48 km-7 m-0.0%
Manners Wood OFFICIAL Midlands Climbs2.04 km164 m8.0%
Bakewell to Hairpin0.96 km85 m8.8%
Wind it up for the Golf club to triangle sprint0.56 km-17 m-3.0%
The Duke's Grid to Grid South1.81 km-30 m-0.1%
Chatsworth south0.63 km34 m5.3%
Hell Bank2.59 km182 m7.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No127 Beeley Moor3.85 km222 m5.7%
Tommy’s beeley interval0.91 km74 m8.1%
Beeley Moor HC3.64 km220 m6.0%
Hell Bank Stage 21.05 km55 m5.2%
Ice cream van up1.19 km44 m3.6%
Ramp Test0.67 km16 m2.3%
Beeley lane sprint0.90 km-12 m-1.3%
The Hulksters elbow0.18 km-7 m-3.8%
Holestone Short Climb0.91 km26 m2.0%
Up Holestone 1.19 km25 m2.1%
Holestone sprint 1.05 km-17 m-1.5%
bend to old tip site sprint0.31 km8 m2.0%
Lickpenny sprint0.46 km-9 m-0.6%
Tower View2.62 km-47 m-1.1%
Up to Crich0.46 km19 m3.7%
A610 - Broadholme Ln2.76 km35 m0.2%
BBC Race for the Chips1.72 km9 m0.4%
The Hobbit's Demise...0.46 km4 m0.9%
Sprint for the Belper sign 0.79 km-4 m-0.5%
Le sprint sur le pont0.40 km-13 m-2.8%
Belper - Duffield4.23 km-16 m-0.2%
Moscow Strait Reverse1.02 km-5 m-0.2%
Duffield Kick0.25 km5 m1.2%
Duffield dash0.66 km-6 m-0.9%
Broadway to Benz Bavarian Sprint0.47 km-2 m0.0%