Predator Ridge

Cycling Route

64.37 km
1,367 m
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Predator Climb from Vernon...25th Ave to Bailey Rd9.10 km268 m2.1%
Vernon to Terrace View Rd22.10 km397 m0.2%
Mission Road to Summit6.09 km267 m4.3%
24th St to Predator Ridge entrance13.20 km321 m2.4%
Vernon -> Predator w/good start point6.05 km246 m4.1%
MIssion Road to Bench Row3.83 km149 m3.9%
Allan Brooks Way Climb2.07 km119 m5.7%
Mission Rd Climb, Ok Ave to Top of Commonage5.91 km239 m4.0%
Vernon to Charolaise18.03 km372 m1.6%
commonage Road- JCT. 15 Ave to JCT. Predator Ridge12.46 km275 m2.2%
Mission & 15th to top past Predator13.70 km317 m2.3%
Mission Rd Hill2.10 km104 m4.9%
Mission Rd Climb, Bench Row to Top of Commonage1.97 km100 m5.0%
Bench Rd to Top of Commonage2.13 km101 m4.5%
Bench to Predator 9.03 km174 m1.9%
Commonage - Predator Peak4.97 km186 m3.7%
Commonage to Predator Turn4.05 km142 m3.5%
Predator Ridge Climb2.09 km100 m4.8%
Mills Road Climb1.83 km101 m5.5%
Commonage Peak to Oceala Descent13.33 km-410 m-2.7%
Down the gravel1.13 km-73 m-6.5%
Commonage Descent5.32 km-395 m-7.4%
Down the hill to Whiskey Cove4.68 km-240 m-5.1%
Into Okanagan Centre1.57 km-45 m-2.5%
OK Centre to Carrs Landing Rd1.24 km40 m3.2%
OK Ctn Rd to Predator Rd16.72 km403 m1.8%
Okanagan Centre Rd to Bench Row25.81 km422 m0.6%
OK Ctr to Commonage Peak13.04 km396 m2.8%
Predator Ridge First 6km5.91 km383 m6.4%
Carrs Landing Climb Full5.48 km412 m7.5%
the climb6.51 km402 m6.2%
Proper Commonage KOM4.38 km325 m7.4%
Carrs Landing Climb to Terrace View0.62 km-8 m-1.2%
Charolaise Rd Climb2.03 km153 m7.5%
Commonage Road KOM5.53 km385 m7.0%
Segment of Pain and Terror1.00 km95 m9.5%
Commonage Road Full5.19 km375 m7.2%
Predator Ridge9.07 km389 m3.9%
Charolaise Rd Climb1.39 km102 m7.3%
Commonage Rd Climb from Terrace View4.67 km329 m7.0%
Intrepid 2016 - Day #3 - Commonage Crusher4.39 km301 m6.8%
Charolaise Rd Climb2.08 km167 m8.0%
Final Push to Predator1.73 km-65 m-3.4%
Predator - Alan Brooks Centre11.00 km-196 m-1.8%
Predator Descent13.04 km-308 m-2.4%
Predator to Bailey Rd descent4.01 km-143 m-3.6%
Turtle pond grind1.21 km41 m3.1%
Commonage Road Drag Race3.20 km78 m2.1%
Commonage Bump0.83 km39 m4.6%
Commonage Rd Descent, Top North to Bench Row Rd1.84 km-104 m-5.6%