See/Prefumo Canyon Roads – Avila Beach

Cycling Route

26.16 mi
3,045 ft
Created By
Cycle Central Coast

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
See Canyon to LOVR13.12 mi1,283 ft0.2%
Start See Canyon to Cattle Guard4.02 mi341 ft1.5%
See Cyn - Perfumo Cyn top7.51 mi1,280 ft3.2%
See Canyon (San Luis Bay Drive to dirt)5.38 mi1,083 ft3.8%
TELTNUAG!26.04 mi-1,286 ft0.0%
See to Prefumo: San Luis Bay Drive to Fire Hydrant12.45 mi1,280 ft0.2%
Lower See Canyon (to cattle guard)3.83 mi338 ft1.5%
See Canyon (from cattle guard)1.45 mi751 ft9.8%
S turn punch 0.24 mi154 ft11.9%
Black Walnut Rd Climb0.52 mi338 ft12.1%
Everest - July 4th1.38 mi751 ft10.2%
See Canyon (Black Walnut Road to Top)1.32 mi712 ft10.2%
Just the dirt See to Perfumo1.10 mi-125 ft-0.1%
See Canyon from dirt over to Perfumo Canyon0.74 mi276 ft7.0%
Climb up See Canyon bump -...0.24 mi167 ft12.8%
Prefumo Canyon from top to fire hydrant4.79 mi-1,135 ft-4.4%
Prefumo downhill to cattleguard2.47 mi-814 ft-6.2%
Don't slap!2.04 mi-801 ft-7.4%
Prefumo Vista to LOVR5.10 mi-1,047 ft-3.9%
Techy descent repeats1.20 mi-443 ft-6.5%
Prefumo downhill cattle guard to finish2.55 mi-292 ft-2.1%
last little sprint0.21 mi23 ft1.8%
LOVR - Prefumo Cyn - Serpentine5.37 mi1,148 ft4.0%
LOVR to Chamiese - THE TOP5.44 mi1,132 ft3.9%
Near LOVR to top of Prefumo5.72 mi1,161 ft3.7%
Prefumo (Isabella to Dirt Road)4.73 mi1,027 ft4.1%
Lower Perfumo2.70 mi318 ft2.1%
Prefumo to See: Fire Hydrant to San Luis Bay Drive12.46 mi-1,270 ft-0.2%
Prefumo Canyon from fire hydrant to top4.81 mi1,145 ft4.4%
SLO Tour de Donut 2018 Climb3.05 mi846 ft5.2%
SLO Tour de Donut 2016 Route2.97 mi909 ft5.8%
2018 TdD2.92 mi850 ft5.5%
Prefumo Cattle Guard to Top2.50 mi843 ft6.4%
TdD 1.98 mi702 ft6.5%
Prefumo Canyon2.05 mi833 ft7.7%
Upper Prefumo1.03 mi413 ft7.5%
Prefumo climby part1.69 mi709 ft7.9%
Prefumo-Steepest part1.60 mi669 ft7.9%
Dave's 1 mile repeats..." Argue Your Limitations"1.01 mi472 ft8.8%
Steep Perfumo0.13 mi85 ft12.4%
Exposed Prefumo1.25 mi518 ft7.8%
Top of Perfumo1.14 mi374 ft6.2%
Top of Prefumo Sprint 0.07 mi39 ft10.0%
Finish Strong0.48 mi135 ft5.1%
Perfumo Steep Descent-Corner to Cattle Guard0.30 mi-177 ft-10.9%
The Glory Run - Prefumo to See Dirt1.09 mi-138 ft-1.0%
See Canyon Dirty Backside Kicker0.26 mi108 ft7.4%
See Canyon DH3.98 mi-971 ft-4.6%
See Canyon (Peak to Cattle Guard)1.46 mi-709 ft-9.2%
See Canyon from Cattle Guard down to San Luis Drive3.75 mi-299 ft-1.5%