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Vernon Garbage Collection

Cycling Route

105.34 km
1,818 m
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Aberdeen to HWY 6 TT2.34 km40 m1.7%
Aberdeen to Corner Before HWY 62.01 km32 m1.6%
Howe To Corner TT 0.89 km11 m1.3%
Full Brewer East3.56 km84 m1.2%
Brewer Rd Climb1.08 km82 m7.6%
2nd hill on Brewer East0.77 km31 m3.9%
Buchanan Road - east to west9.39 km-80 m-0.5%
Buchanan Hill Climb0.35 km25 m7.2%
Buchanan TT West7.77 km-61 m-0.3%
Buchanan Flat Out Westbound2.97 km-8 m-0.3%
I'm Warren out6.89 km-85 m-1.2%
Almost there1.11 km45 m4.0%
careful on that corner!!!!!!!!1.25 km-68 m-5.4%
Aberdeen to 15th1.76 km-30 m-1.7%
go shorty, it's your birthday0.59 km-15 m-2.1%
15th Street Climb - Pottery Rd to 30th0.89 km26 m2.9%
15th Street Sprint-Safe0.57 km23 m4.1%
The full bold road climb8.66 km279 m3.2%
Get me to the fluffs1.96 km59 m2.9%
Just a dog chasin' cars0.48 km42 m8.6%
Low hanging fruit0.36 km27 m7.3%
Dixon Dam Rd Climb2.13 km128 m6.0%
Dixon Dam Rd Climb - the steep bit1.12 km78 m7.0%
Cedar Falls Finish0.98 km20 m2.0%
Tillicum Road1.67 km21 m1.0%
Cedar Falls0.42 km20 m4.8%
Tillicum Bump2.12 km94 m4.4%
the gauntlet of dogs HaHaHa1.76 km77 m3.8%
The climb to the dam1.88 km138 m7.4%
TD2.14 km-94 m-4.4%