Scratchgravels XC-CUP 2022

Cycling Route

17.37 mi
2,704 ft
Created By
Jesús Salazar

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
URTSG lap5.66 mi-358 ft-0.7%
URTSG start climb0.43 mi121 ft4.7%
URTSG Power 10.83 mi89 ft0.4%
Show me the WATTS0.58 mi105 ft0.9%
URTSG singletrack 10.22 mi-108 ft-5.6%
URTSG singletrack 20.17 mi75 ft8.3%
URTSG singletrack 30.14 mi43 ft5.8%
URTSG singletrack 40.79 mi-98 ft-0.7%
down0.40 mi-164 ft-7.7%
URTSG Power 21.13 mi121 ft2.0%
URTSG singletrack 50.36 mi49 ft1.8%