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YGR Road 07: WOR-Firethorn

Cycling Route

23.97 mi
1,767 ft
Created By
Dan Porter- YGR

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shields to Taft Hill on Harmony1.28 mi66 ft0.9%
JJ's to HT Mt park6.29 mi561 ft1.7%
Queen Beet Challenge - Masonville Run20.65 mi600 ft0.0%
Taft to Centennial1.82 mi302 ft3.1%
TT start to passing finish on way out6.54 mi594 ft1.7%
HTTT-1st mile1.02 mi72 ft1.3%
10 miles to Masonville9.42 mi607 ft0.4%
S County Road 23 Climb1.35 mi279 ft3.9%
Fossil Creek Trail to Horsetooth Mountain Park5.87 mi568 ft1.8%
just visiting0.74 mi144 ft3.6%
Masonville with Firethorn19.10 mi568 ft0.0%
To Masonville7.84 mi551 ft0.5%
Harmony to Centennial0.91 mi223 ft4.6%
First Horsetooth Switchback, ascending0.61 mi184 ft5.6%
Hairbender Half Sprint0.27 mi66 ft4.5%
HT Climb 11.27 mi262 ft3.8%
HTTT-1st climb0.62 mi187 ft5.6%
HTTT-Around the reservoir2.11 mi72 ft0.4%
Back of Horsetooth Resevoir Hill Climb0.89 mi223 ft4.7%
HTTT-2nd climb0.76 mi197 ft4.8%
CR38E South Res Entrance to Parking Lot0.53 mi141 ft5.0%
HTTT-Transition to 3rd climb1.19 mi-171 ft-2.4%
Lookout belowwwwww0.73 mi-164 ft-3.7%
Shoreline Drive to Mountain Park Entrance0.77 mi266 ft6.4%
Overhill Dr Climb0.82 mi285 ft6.6%
HTTT-3rd climb0.70 mi243 ft6.5%
Horsetooth Entrance To Masonville DESCENT 1.70 mi-289 ft-3.2%
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee1.34 mi-322 ft-4.4%
Firethorne Climb1.12 mi167 ft2.8%
Double Bump and a bit of a Hump..7.14 mi364 ft0.2%
W Co Rd 38E, from Co Rd 25E northeast to summit2.41 mi394 ft3.0%
Overhill Dr Climb1.33 mi328 ft4.7%
HTTT-4th climb to finish1.34 mi302 ft4.3%
L2L Mile 141.03 mi-279 ft-4.6%
HT park to Blue Sky descent 0.78 mi-266 ft-6.5%
W Co Rd 38E, from Shoreline Dr east to summit0.98 mi180 ft3.3%
L2L Mile 151.03 mi171 ft2.9%
38E - Blue Sky to Parking Lot climb eastbound0.56 mi177 ft5.9%
Lookout Climb (blue sky to lookout parking lot)0.55 mi151 ft5.2%
Perch Hogback from HT0.54 mi167 ft5.9%
L2L Mile 16-204.04 mi-446 ft-2.1%
CO 38E Campsites to Centennial1.82 mi43 ft0.1%
Power Mile Practice Run1.04 mi-33 ft-0.0%
Group Ride Home Stretch1.80 mi-276 ft-2.7%
Harmony Dam Full Descent 0.99 mi-246 ft-4.7%
Top of Harmony to Taft Hill1.62 mi-262 ft-3.0%
Group Ride Final Sprint0.89 mi-233 ft-4.8%
First Horsetooth Switchback, descending0.59 mi-167 ft-5.3%
Final Stretch0.86 mi-49 ft-1.1%
Seneca to Westbury via Harmony0.48 mi-39 ft-1.5%