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Road to Recovery: Weets Hill

Cycling Route

20.25 mi
1,551 ft
A challenging Pennine Bridleway MTB route, returning on the canal bank.

This route involves a significant climb, known locally as 'Gisburn Track' that links to Weets Hill. Expect a long climb on country roads which eventually give way to Bridleway at the top. If you need to find an excuse to stop for a rest on the way up, there is no shortage of views to be admired as you gain altitude and venture further away from the urban landscape of Colne.

The descent of Weets hill does require a mountain bike and some prior experience due to it being quite long and featuring varying types of terrain. There are no technical trail features that require advanced skills but the sense of a big adventure is definitely there!

Once we reach Gisburn, there is a short section of riding on a busy main road before taking the right turn towards Kelbrook and joining the canal bank to return to Elisha House via Barnoldswick, Salterforth and Foulridge.
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April 8, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
greenfield rush0.34 mi-23 ft-1.3%
Greenfield Road to Canal Car Park0.41 mi30 ft0.9%
lock rise to Red Lane0.79 mi59 ft1.4%
Locks to Tunnel1.25 mi85 ft0.6%
Red Lane to Tunnel0.55 mi30 ft0.5%
Slipper Hill0.37 mi167 ft8.5%
Slipper Hill To Occy1.37 mi525 ft7.2%
Slipper Hill & all of Gizzy Old Rd2.23 mi679 ft5.7%
Slipper Hill and Beyond1.32 mi522 ft7.5%
slipper hill0.62 mi276 ft8.3%
Slipper Hill to Weets Gate2.17 mi692 ft6.0%
Big Ring Climb0.27 mi82 ft5.7%
Gisburn Old Road - To The Top1.51 mi413 ft5.2%
Gisurn Old Rd - actual climb0.63 mi259 ft7.7%
Standing Stone Lane to Burnley Rd (full Gisburn Old Rd)4.52 mi-692 ft-1.0%
Old Gisburn Road 1.27 mi354 ft5.3%
Just A little Tester0.13 mi-20 ft-2.2%
Last Climb on GisburnOld Road0.34 mi144 ft7.9%
Dirty Harry's DH1.48 mi-535 ft-6.8%
lets have it 0.36 mi-118 ft-6.2%
weets gate 1 to coal pit ln0.54 mi-226 ft-7.5%
Bottom gate from weets trig to next gate0.25 mi-59 ft-4.0%
To Broggy Drop0.14 mi-92 ft-12.2%
Shread Coal Pit Ln2.05 mi-295 ft-2.6%
Broggy Drop0.45 mi-177 ft-7.4%
coal pit decsent0.25 mi-135 ft-9.9%
speed sign to b'lick turn off1.61 mi-72 ft-0.6%
Gisburn- Corenation 1.34 mi-75 ft-1.0%
Pops and Billy's-Real- non hazardous 0.22 mi62 ft5.3%
A59 to Barnoldswick Fella1.75 mi75 ft0.5%
Barlick run in SPRINT1.77 mi62 ft0.6%
bracewell blast revised0.33 mi46 ft1.0%
Blast Into Bracewell0.09 mi10 ft1.9%
Final Effort0.41 mi52 ft2.4%
Greenberfield0.84 mi46 ft0.1%
Greenberfield to Silentnight1.10 mi30 ft0.1%
Locks to Foulridge4.05 mi39 ft0.1%
Greenbefiels Locks To M656.63 mi-128 ft-0.2%
Barlick to Foulridge2.90 mi36 ft0.1%
Five Mile Out5.12 mi-72 ft-0.1%
Anchor to Foulridge1.83 mi-30 ft-0.0%
Anchor bike gate to Foulridge bike gate1.70 mi-7 ft-0.0%
tunnel t tunnel go west young man1.16 mi-52 ft-0.0%
A to B0.25 mi7 ft0.5%
Tunnel to Colne Rd1.35 mi-79 ft-1.0%
red lane t resend0.73 mi-23 ft-0.6%
greenfield road0.36 mi-16 ft-0.2%
Greenfield to Whitewalls0.35 mi-13 ft-0.4%