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Gravel for Lunch in Naramata

Cycling Route

81.38 km
1,360 m
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Abbott Street HC0.09 km10 m10.8%
Abbott to Van Pl0.46 km29 m6.3%
Vancouver hill climb part 20.44 km26 m5.7%
Condo to KVR0.68 km30 m4.4%
KVR to Mice climb7.35 km126 m1.5%
KVR zero km to first Tunnel15.85 km294 m1.6%
KVR to Sutherland Rd5.60 km73 m1.3%
KVR Zero to First Switchback Parking Lot20.13 km390 m1.9%
KVR - Penticton to Chute Lake39.48 km788 m2.0%
Vancouver Hill to Little Tunnel15.85 km297 m1.6%
KVR: Vancouver Hill - Naramata Rd3.76 km24 m0.6%
KVR cemetary chicane - SN0.48 km10 m1.8%
To the tunnel11.75 km228 m1.9%
KVR: Naramata Road -> Sutherland Road1.50 km31 m2.0%
KVR: Naramata Road -> Naramata Creek7.08 km148 m2.1%
KVR: Poplar Grove -> Chute Lake35.61 km738 m2.1%
4K Marker to Arawana5.99 km126 m2.1%
4K Marker to Little Tunnel 12.14 km252 m2.1%
KVR: Riddle to Sutherland0.82 km16 m2.0%
KVR: Sutherland Road -> Arawana Road4.30 km90 m2.1%
KVR North - Arawana Rd to Chute Lake Lodge30.10 km644 m2.1%
Arawana to Little Tunnel 6.12 km126 m2.1%
KVR: Arawana Road -> Smethurst Road1.20 km25 m2.1%
KVR: Naramata Creek -> Little Tunnel4.56 km92 m2.0%
Smethurst -> Little Tunnel4.38 km71 m1.6%
KVR: Smethurst to Rock Ovens12.81 km267 m2.1%
KVR: Little Tunnel -> First Switchback4.17 km86 m2.1%
KVR: First Switchback -> Chute Lake19.34 km406 m2.1%
KVR: First Switchback -> Blocked Tunnel7.68 km157 m2.0%
kvr cleem18.04 km381 m2.1%
KVR: Blocked Tunnel -> Chute Lake11.18 km229 m2.0%
Out of Indian Rock to Chute Lake3.24 km195 m6.0%
Glenfir Rd Climb1.28 km81 m6.3%
Indian Rock (Somerset Ln to N Naramata Rd Climb)1.05 km85 m8.0%
Indian Rock is a Tourist Attraction?2.91 km178 m6.1%
N Naramata Rd Climb1.67 km97 m5.8%
Naramata Climb Out (LAS)2.04 km96 m4.7%
Exit Naramata6.29 km107 m1.3%
Naramata Rd Climb1.94 km100 m5.2%
Wiseman's Robinson climb1.54 km87 m5.6%
Heading Home7.23 km-43 m-0.1%
Naramata -> Penticton9.94 km49 m0.0%
Top of Naramata hill to Township 79.60 km48 m0.1%
Fire station to Reservoir road9.42 km51 m0.2%
Not another one0.48 km22 m4.4%
Hit it or quit it0.38 km17 m4.4%
winery climb2.34 km36 m1.5%
Three Mile Road to Ohlhausen Sprint0.48 km10 m2.1%
Upper bench, try to keep up with the cars.1.52 km-27 m-1.7%