Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
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MDCC 50 km Reliability Ride

Cycling Route

48.39 km
636 m
Created By
Mike G

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clay Pits Way Cycle Path - Outbound1.60 km23 m1.0%
Chaingang outward leg to end of valley road17.27 km73 m0.3%
Paul's late again!2.65 km-21 m-0.4%
MDCC 10 TT - Sector 1 - Start to Turn 14.10 km21 m0.1%
All the way up19.53 km281 m1.4%
Finlake Sprint0.75 km-10 m-1.1%
Chudleigh Bridge Sprint0.65 km8 m0.4%
Chudleigh Bridge to Trusham Turn3.05 km38 m0.5%
A38 to Christow7.74 km37 m0.4%
Lyneham Sprint 0.39 km22 m5.5%
TT110.42 km-28 m-0.1%
Huxbeare Drop to Coach Works0.88 km-20 m-2.1%
Hennock to Ashton 3.24 km11 m0.0%
Rise towards Christow1.35 km20 m1.1%
Ashton to Vennpark3.48 km35 m0.4%
The Christow 'Sprint King' ??0.30 km10 m3.3%
Nic's to Si's on the valley road4.11 km14 m0.1%
Teign House To Steps Bridge4.80 km38 m0.6%
Valley Sprint @ Venn Park Garage0.35 km9 m1.6%
Venn Park Hump to end of Valley2.21 km11 m0.2%
Sprint from the Bridge0.65 km7 m1.1%
Dunsford Sprint0.16 km-3 m-2.0%
MDCC Doccombe KOM4.71 km207 m4.4%
Doccombe4.74 km227 m4.8%
Doccombe first segment1.75 km110 m6.3%
Doccombe Climb Middle Segment1.34 km42 m2.6%
Doccombe final0.99 km65 m6.6%
Doccombe - Farm to Junction0.41 km32 m7.7%
Cossick Cross Gut Buster0.73 km34 m2.6%
Decent to East Moretonhampstead 2.03 km-106 m-4.6%
The Skilfull bit To Moreton 1.05 km-72 m-5.7%
Moreton to Bovey TT9.58 km-140 m-1.5%
Selfish landowners send us around the field0.65 km-20 m-2.5%
Pepperdon To Lustleigh Blast3.91 km-68 m-1.7%
Wray Valley Bump Sprint0.32 km5 m1.1%
Rise from Lustleigh1.25 km56 m4.4%
Sprint to Slade cross! [if you can]0.36 km21 m6.0%
Slade Cross0.40 km6 m1.1%
Sprint/Climb before Bovey0.41 km13 m1.8%
Sprint to Jenga1.88 km-60 m-3.1%
Sprint Time 0.75 km-35 m-4.4%
MB DH1.14 km-48 m-4.2%
Golf course to Jenga 0.98 km-26 m-2.5%
Cricket Climb0.28 km10 m3.5%
Thorns 2 Cummins2.12 km17 m0.2%
Sprint to Cummins1.01 km16 m1.4%
Downhill Bants0.44 km-17 m-3.7%
hump to hump0.27 km0 m0.0%
Exeter Rd. TT0.59 km9 m1.5%
Hot Pursuit Sprint !0.23 km3 m1.3%