TNR - Mountain Valley (CCW)

Cycling Route

39.71 mi
3,283 ft
Created By
Kyle Lawrence

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
is that supposed to be a mohawk/mullet? 0.18 mi36 ft3.7%
furnace out tt2.61 mi138 ft0.5%
Old Furnace Hill0.60 mi115 ft3.6%
Minie Ball East0.97 mi115 ft2.0%
You better push it3.30 mi-240 ft-1.4%
Fridley/Mtn Valley short climb0.94 mi246 ft4.9%
Mountain Valley at the turn0.66 mi187 ft5.3%
Grandaddy Jim1.09 mi-174 ft-2.9%
Wampler 10.67 mi148 ft4.1%
Simmers Valley Up2.36 mi115 ft0.8%
Kratzer - Mt Clinton TT2.63 mi167 ft0.2%
Kratzer0.95 mi161 ft3.1%
Kratzer steep0.22 mi98 ft8.2%
Kratzer (hill to Mt Clinton) downhill1.71 mi-131 ft-1.4%
North Liberty Final0.61 mi52 ft1.1%