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WCAC Tuesday Night Summer Run - Barrow

Running Route

9.92 mi
340 ft
Created By
Andrew C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chris' 600m Interval Out0.38 mi-10 ft-0.4%
West Cheshire AC - Barrow Route8.70 mi128 ft0.0%
Hoole Bank Mile Effort 1.01 mi-62 ft-0.9%
WCAC - Effort 11.01 mi-79 ft-1.3%
The Spice Must Flow (WCAC)1.03 mi-79 ft-1.3%
Oak Bank to School Lane0.85 mi-75 ft-1.7%
To the pub0.45 mi30 ft1.2%
WCAC - Effort 20.53 mi13 ft0.3%
Barrow Station Hill0.33 mi69 ft4.0%
WCAC - Effort 30.35 mi72 ft3.9%
Foxcote to the Park0.76 mi-39 ft-0.7%
Up the hill 0.20 mi26 ft2.2%
WCAC - Effort 40.14 mi13 ft1.1%
Up the path0.79 mi66 ft1.6%
CyclePath 1.5km0.94 mi30 ft0.5%
WCAC - Effort 50.54 mi30 ft0.8%
4TH KM0.63 mi-7 ft0.0%
Mixed section 10.32 mi10 ft0.6%
WCAC - Effort 60.40 mi16 ft0.8%
Mixed Section 20.26 mi7 ft0.3%